Walk on through graveyard,
spirited being,
immortal soul whisp.
lifeless translucent gift.

Our ghosts of yesterday singing their way passed the saints,
are our ghosts fighting longing for a return back to the other side?
Would they take the time to burn in a lake of fire for their return?

Ghosts longing, never belonging,
left in a space-less time,
a punishment for their lives,
all left out to dry,

You speak the words the living don't want to hear,
you spend all eternity dying to get all,
you lap up the hurt and pain to return the next day.

A light year away,
peering in my window,
a globe floating space bound,
checking my engines.

Fleeting moment,
relentless time,
ceasing window,
give me my time.

Ghost way up nigh,
keeping your aether eye,
noose around the necktie,
slipping so shy,
way up high.

Wandering ghosts filling in the blanks,
wandering ghosts filing with the banks,
wandering ghosts, counting down their time. - Jason Becker - Valley Of Fire - Marty Friedman - Miracle - David Bowie - Starman - Genesis - I know what I like (In your wardrobe) 

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