Drop of Blood

Every drop of blood, 
every sworded stone, 
rose on your cairn,
flop at your door.

Earnest man, cometh seek some more,
cometh the hour of your drop of blood,
a stern faced earl,
laced with laces of gold,
buckets of mold have been left out in the cold. 

And with every drop of blood,
muddies the waters flowing over that ravine,
your brave-less heart,
faceless warrior,
drowning beneath mottled waves.

A languished fairy tale,
tales of evil dragons and fearless wizards,
a kids book full of pictures,
hit and miss.


Six hour workout,
needless energy,
slipping away,
chastised into cakes.

Every drop of blood that leaketh,
my mouth speaketh,
those magic words,
a torn fantastical path,
eucalyptus hath,
spread its translucent wings upon my gaze.

Dreading every pinch of your wrath,
torn beaten path,
every drop of blood lost,
every drop of blood gained,
a reminder each and every day,
we were set in stone your way.

Pleased to meet you,
for every drop of blood coagulates,
every dry spring fills the sky,
your mouth,
awakens you and I,
in every drop of blood.

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