Your Eyes

Your eyes,
your touch,
your touch you said would last a lifetime,
your eyes gazed into mine for the longest of times.

Twas high on cloud nine,
sipping wine, wondering why,
your gaze lasted a lifetime.

Past memories are slipping dreadfully into a black goo,
the thought of losing all of you,
it was a crushing guess who,
those dwindled fantasies of mine.

Your eyes were as fire in the sky,
as sea green gems to waters past,
as a bucket of hurt and regret that caressed your deceitful blast,
into my heart.

Each verse an axe,
driving its bladed way into my back,
with every step dying to look back,
toward an empty sack of coal.

Twisted lies see a thousand eyes,
all waiting for the end surprise,
casting your blazing gazes along those lines,
thoroughly revering your blind disguise. 

Although you're hurting an afraid, you are stronger than yesterday. 

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