Last A Lifetime

Insurmountable times spent gazing into the eyes of peace,
two lifetimes I'd lived to die yet a thousand more,
what the world churns out you must always adore,
for the earth spins on its axis as it circles the sun,
that life was an empty chalice full of disillusioned fun.

Was my soul an immeasurable ballet of love, or fear,
were your rivers run but all out of tears?
Does the wave crash against ocean rock,
as dwindling space wraps around you?

A question of a near lifetime seeping through cracks in the moonlight,
a sonnet of pure delight,
a barrage of your might,
ending upon temple sight.

Whole and half,
near nor far,
carpe diem, vous belle dame,
dancing eternally gracefully,
wasted not tempted in,
contemplating a black shower,
a lost power. 

L’amour dure toute une vie, love last a lifetime. 

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