Deep darkened days,
imprinted scars,
a wandering boy held out to dry,
his yawn and need so desolated and afraid,
spending all his days just wasting away.

A thousand piece puzzle lies on his mind,
can't seem to find any time,
to find all the pieces,
not enough energy,
to complete the picture.

He stares from his window,
trying to think again,
trying to see ahead of time,
yet in no way was he allowed to refine,
crooked crosses and burned regrets,
leading their worm way around his disillusioned head.

Plush toys not enough,
his heart yearning more,
the world crying out to forget them all,
yet despite the call,
the boy hath fall,
Chaotischen walk to freedom.

Namaste new life,
गुड बाय, goodbye, old ways,
let that little innocent boy find his way,
out of his desperate days,
to sing glory to the world,
Habent animos mutare, have the courage to change,
and the strength to do it his way,
for the earth shall step out of his path,
and lend him a blessed helping hand. 

Weeping angels sing,
let the boy know he'll be king,
kindness come, badness dissipate,
negate all you seed and you'll flower,
just parading in your own shower.

The boy, "Life is hard, the puzzle a torment."
Mysterious voice, "You have all the pieces, just take the time."
Clouds part, sunshine radiates down,
the boy is wondered, bewildered, 
his flung life sung whilst he hung out to dry,
pattering like a fly on his way down to the river. 

Human hearts are beating,
the boy's puzzle merely fleeting,
the earths crying out for him to start,
not long until you can start,
dear boy. 


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