Night Shade

Wizard taunted at his return to town,

gathers magical tools and gear ready for his second journey,

not to the woods,

further afield, to the deep woods.

Night shade,

prosperous journey,

bettering intentions,

invisible touch,

mechanic mind,

precision aim.

“To the woods I must go.”

Wizard eyes high,

hands firm,

stance straight,

skin cooling.

“You must go, for it is written among the stars.”

“What is my destiny?”

…”If you have to ask, you shall not be told.”

“If you won’t tell me, Ill go and seek it.”

Seeking around a wet sand pit,

sinking faster than crumbling stone,

frozen in the winter spell,

hurtled through night shade,

coveted by moonlight,

beamed across branches.

“I need the guide, please oh lord, don’t leave me now, because it’s getting really hard.”

Faint whispers rumble into wildlife buroughs,

owlets hooting and screeching echoes across sticky black soil,

slickly sliding in and out,

unseen and untouched.

“I was never on a journey, that is my revelation.”

…”You were never intent on finishing your journey.”

“The sound of her laughter, kept me on the path.”

“So you too shall be aware!”

Her cries are unanswered,

her story ceasing to exist,

her palms shaking at the sight of the sunlight,

“I have returned.”

Her head falls to the pillow invisible,

he enters when her face is buried,

“What on earth have I done.”

Moonlight shines for hours,

the body empty and lifeless,

the soul gone and remorsed,

his hands caress her neck,

she is all but dead.

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