—- end,

——— life,

———— death,

sanctimonious religion,

velvet black decrepit flat pack,

cornered and painted,

left out to rot.

Never ending kind,

seeing through the seas of time,

torn, tossed and forgotten lying cold on the sidewalk,

—- let your light shine bright,

——— put up a wall of all your might,

into the fresh new night,

night to dawn, dusk to night,

cycle of redemption,

forgiveness and regret,

a human without any blood debts.


love, amor, – life,

hate, odium, – death,

un début a une fin,

une fin a un début,

life goes on,

the circle spins,

we latch onto a wheel,

motionlessly dragged across space,

content to live our lives,

without a care for the divine.

Tout doit prendre fin,

Tout comme chaque fin doit conduire à un nouveau départ,

le cercle de la vie…

goes on,

was once found is now distinguished,

twirling supreme being,

fantasized destiny,

sky lies,

fanciful flames bouncing over an empty canyon,

sound seeks not what the world wants.

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