A Night Of Poetry

Lying in a tent in the garden,

gazing for hours at the millions of stars,

listening to music,

challenging life beliefs,

feeling that it will last forever,

the dark starry night,

it feels as water over your body,

sensation of might,

fulfilled potential,

seemingly never ending walls,

eyes locked on the moon,

write with your hand on your heart,

a night to remember,

full of impossible things,

no more deception or lies,

blanket folding from the sky.


Dawn long way to go,

must show the world what I know,

they seek so desperately so,

to read flowing poetry,

raining wind,

whipping grass needles,

sinking into a green field.


Longing for sleep,

want to lay in nostalgia,

beaming memories shining all too bright,

can’t make everything right,

so I gaze from my tent to the stars,

this long lost boy is so close to something to find,

he’s spent a lifetime taunted from his dreams,

he hates to go back to that solemn weep.


A 3 part play,

written exactly his way,

there was nothing left to say,

except it would always be this way,

for better or for worse,

he’d spend eternity staring at the night skies,

contemplating why,

why, dear boy have you forsaken yourself to this lie,

life used to spring from my imagination,

until you dug the roots and planted me firmly back inside.


Sick and injured,

praying for the darkness to last forever,

an eternal love song,

I can only hear,

black sackcloth rivets through the clouds,

tearing at my fear,

not a sight or dove,

symbol of much more to….explore,

words, time,

likened to hellfire,

burning up your creative desperation,

……the night is young,

hearts are beating,

people are indeed feeling,

wrapped up that nostalgic eternal embrace,

never let this feeling fade,

….sing it to the world,

open your kind light,

push the monsters aside,

this could’ve been an opus maximus,



don’t move,

sink into the night,

the quaint delight,

such a hard thing to fight,


as if listening to music the boy waits,

watches the stars with a big smile,

he’s been waiting for quite a while,

next dawn brings tea and cake,

and that’s what he can’t entertain.

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