Science is now the new white lie

It must be alright to believe everything an expert tells you

Somebody who has not got a clue what the truth is

Spills lies and deceit to earn their pay

Surely lord almighty there must be another way

At the end of the day

You should do it your way

If my vibrations could speak

They would cast you aside

If my dreams could speak

They would open your eyes

“To really feel the joy in life

Face the darkest days

If you open up your eyes

Put your trust in love”

Smooth failing.

Tides are turning.

Dreams are fading.

Faster and faster we turn.

Look up and see.

Look up and feel.

Your life may be free.

Take it slow.

Don’t turn around.

Bring fortune.

Deny lies.

Beneath surface of mottled waves.

Treacherous sons.

Divine surprise.

Gift inside.

Come and see you.

My friend.

Time is slowly drifting south.

Come up and see me.

Take my hand.

My friend.

Come beneath me.

Your unsung man.

Come and see me.

My friend.

Forget to heal me.

You sorry man.

This was a song for all of you to dance to.

Let the music move you.

Fall off of your castle high,

Take a deep look inside,

et amor populo,

caritate te ipsum,

undo the evil acts engrained in your memory,

rewrite the times that you hurt others,

plan a life to begin anew, rursus

and if that alien doesn’t sing,

well the universe ain’t going to be very happy.

Imagine looking into a mirror and seeing a stranger looking back,

Leaving you to find your way back,

And what if your heart and mind of pure love and caring were torn to shreds,

Would you consider yourself dead?

I didn’t expect so,

Try and let go.

That was a long time ago,

A rainbow formed over black skies,

A lot of things were lurking inside,

All it took was a moment,

Thin strings snapped and the world shook,

I wasn’t going to bother to look,

A friend came to me once and said, ‘everything will be okay, Thomas,’

I watched with glass eyes as she left back for the other side,

I don’t dream of badness and I don’t wish for it,

So, it makes me wonder if god is taking the piss,

Would you toss your cross to the floor and bare your chest for the seven seas to revere?

Would you hang up your cloak and call it a day just to find out you’ll never change that way?

Finally, the sun sets and I remember how those days long gone have become undone.

9 thoughts on “Return

      1. Oh, so sorry!
        I thought that might be an alternate name. (People have different identities online!) LOL! 🤭
        Ah well, I’m getting old, and not keeping up.
        This is my most embarrassing wordpress blunder so far.
        But there will probably be others…😄

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh hello! Thank you. Unfortunately twitter has become a slight problem for me lately, with overusing it and such. Plus there is a handful of people that interact with me, I’m sure you will all understand. 🙂


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