Cheerio and catch you later.

Vale – amare – amicum tuum.

The mighty wizard in his glory,

glass lizard within the blizzard,

mighty father of one, forefather of none,

spiraling into the space,

climbing that staircase,

it’s goodbye for now,

you blackfly,

slickly sneaked out the rear porch,

full on scorch,

tempted by the lack of compass,

much pre-empted,

glorious choreus,

churned to burn another day,

burned and learned to dash dot and line,

with that pine spine.

Twas the night the wizard walked solemnly into the woods on the outskirts of town, frown upon his frozen face. His pockets lined with lavender and his skin dipped in honey.

The moonlight illuminating his path, each step crunching the brambles and branches beneath his cloak and dagger. Oh holy mushroom, deep diviner, singing a line of the universal consciousness.

Fear not, the wizard hazes the natural beauty, deep in the darkness and delving ever more into the layers of his mind. True to be find, to be awake, to sit in gods embrace.

Wizard has been knelt before the altar of the oak, burning candles and prayers, withering like a lost owlet. Soaring to unseen heights, cradling the hope and glory of the high tides, searing beneath shattered dreams and desires.

Twas the night the wizard began anew, waiting patiently for the dawn to rise, oh glorious high tide, see how I made your journey.

Resting my tired eyes as I lay on the pillow,

a silo of regrets and desires coarsing their conscious way to the surface,

and what have I become if not an idol,

and I weeped at your tears drying the river running blind through my caverns,

taste the air of the sleight of your might crying the madness so divine,

craving that luxurious delicacy of my sought remorsefully,

wizards days out gone for the numbering of the light has become undone,

built mountains of exploration and seeking second sight,

I need not what you might cease to forgive,

look into the heart that is embedded in your chest and tell me you seriously want to rest,

as this song dwindles and the fire crackles,

tackles the wind and the rain dripping my song down on a million unfortunate souls.

(It’s not farewell forever, just a break, so don’t worry too much.)

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