It’s hard to feel loved

It’s hard to feel loved,

churned out from a dangerous machine,

dying for something that will rip you to shreds and leave you on the curbside,

it’s frightening to embrace that which will never truly be real,

fear and faith are two sides of the same coin,

take the plunge into those ice cold waters,

sink to the sandy bottom,

crawl like a crab and try, just try, to remember that sincerity you felt,

it was hard, it was always going to be hard,

letting go, gambling the light of your heart,

exposed to the elements,

the sun stares at you and your minutes are counting down,

the greatest deception you say to yourself,

worth a shot in the dark,

walk among man,

feel among beasts,

coward among aliens,

feeding the rapture inside those tender thrills,

long no more my darling,

we love when we must.

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