The Wizard is Purple

Have the courage to change,
and the faith to do it your way.

A lost light,
a lingering thought,
a fleeting hope,
the sounds of your laughter.

Torn from heaven and cast down to earth,
fallen from grace,
the path is narrow,
the veil thin,
like a river running into the ocean,
let yourself go,
forgive yourself.

Purple heart,
golden aura,
faith sheild,
sword of spirit,
a world away.

Shared dreams,
vivid connections,
dancing rainbows,
and groomed stables,
becoming untoward...

You are only as dark as your emotions,
and as light as your courage,
so pummel onward,
forgo the pitstops,
slow down, 
look around,
it's all a numbers game anyway.

Have the wisdom to embrace the day,
the intuition to face it your way,
and the deity recall your breath. 

This Life ~ Grand Finale

This life, a curse so beautiful,
A handful of roses,
Whirling seas of fortune,
The end currents of time,
Your hopelessly surreal soul,
A crying new-born,
Elephant tusk on wall,
Earth globe seen from afar,
Tears running down your cheeks,
Falling off your feet,
This beautiful life.
As I breathe life into you,
Full blooming fields,
Rain through sunlight,
Night burn day,
Your hand on your heart,
Do it your way.
Each breathe a stone,
Cast to the seas,
Please let the suffering benign.
As I slowly drift away,
My mind latches onto the hallway, of memories,
Slipping passioned existence into the river,
As I lay dying.
Nothing to be frightened,
Was a mere dream,
Illusionary fantasy,
Waking from that slumber,
Crashing waves,
Screeching crows,
Watch it all go,
To the river.
This life,
A life so fragile,
A gifted surprise.
Hellish torment,
Nothing left to say,
They’ll never truly change their ways,
In this life.
Your life, my nightmare,
Seen the seeds planted deep from birth,
Grown adolescence,
Pained youth,
Traumatically boring life…
Passive existence,
In this life.
Even if you watch the sun rise over the mountains,
Or the moon dwindle behind cold lanterns,
You’ll never truly know,
This life,
This lie,
A weeping sorrowful existence,
Pained for you and I.
In this life,
This fight which seems to take all night,
Leaving you with nothing,
No ambition or delight,
Just a sagging wrinkled foresight.
Is this the end of heartache?
Is the way we seal our fate?
When darkness falls.
Grow old with dignity,
In this life,
Frail bones are scattered cosmic remains,
Remains of a day to be seen.
This fire burns, and embers rise…
Hold onto that light,
Your light so, so bright,
It could cast all the demons from your life,
Let the right one inside,
Take stead, look around,
Wake up in bed,
In this life.

“Insert inspirational quote,” she says.
“This Life.”
Resume transmission,
Temporary mission,
Through space and time,
Your heart becoming more kind,
Battling the entwined faith,
In your soul.
A turquoise ember,
Spilt sorrow on your chest,
An empty regret.
And who could of thought that all that existed,
And all that you felt and enjoyed,
All that will be and all that ever was…
Was just passing by.
Lucky to taste the salt air,
Lucky to feel the skin,
Lucky to hear the cries,
Fortunate enough to embrace the tides,
Crushing waves of yesterdays…mistakes.
Look up and spot the sun,
Absolutely fortunate enough to have done,
No amount of time can take that away,
No amount of disease or hurt can take that love from your life,
No amount of anger can make things…right.
This life,
Sorrowful existence,
Passioned existence,
Trillions of lightyears toward the blackhole,
Millions of light words towards your soul.
Open up and chase your dream,
Doesn’t really matter what it all means,
Because this life so faint,
Fleeting and merely spiralling out of control,
Is all you will ever know.
He holds her hands. “This life so beautiful, your face the glow of an angel.”
She reciprocates. “Your heart so courageous, strong enough to carry on.”
Day is winding down,
Setting sun,
Burned fun,
Left out…to dry.
Can’t keep running from,
Thousands of miles a day,
Looking in the mirror,
I’m calling it a day.
Thanks for reading. It is my hope that we can make something very unique, but it needs the help of all you fantastic readers.
I would like you to contribute some words about life toward this poem. I will post those comments below the writing. It is my aim to collage a lot of life perspectives to make this a grand finale piece.

You Can’t Keep Up

You can't keep up,
I'm smooth,
too damned fast for you,
too cool for you.

Eagle soaring,
engine roaring,
hopelessly ignoring,

My racing heart,
zooming past your stake heart,
time to start,
I know you can't keep up...

Don't let up,
to see your face,
in my wing mirror,

You can't keep up,
fast approaching the end...of the line,
your racing has been so fine,
I could do with a glass of wine,
as we bed...
our dearest race goodbye.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Super Funky Badass – Joe Satriani

Love this Joe Satriani album. It was released 2018. 2017 was a bad year for me, so to have one of my favourite artists release this fantastic creation was such a motivator! Things improved 2018, and for the better. I realised that time can heal a thousand broken hearts…if you let it. I realised a broken mind, heart, body, soul….can recover….if you nourish it. Amen.


Altered – Changed in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.

Dream -A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring 

involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

Comparatively unremembered,
searching deep down,
finding what is real,
in a kingdom of pain,
searing beneath those dreams.

Altered states, remembered comparatives,
finished product on a discount shelf,
how hard to refine yourself,
no waiting, little temptation,
a cast iron ball under plastic sheathe,
dying to know how you've wound up, altered.

Alibi thrown your way,
can't seem to recall that day,
a time long ago...long ago,
painted memories,
drying in time,
each line...whispers,
comparative trial by fire,
all subjective.

A dream lasting a lifetime,
those altered states casting a lifeline,
your expectations...burning my wire,
dividing what I see, see crystal clear...

"I fell apart, but got back up again." - 30 Seconds to Mars

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” - Robert Frost

Did you take your precious time?
Find all you were looking for inside?
Although the likes are rushes of dopamine...
and each compliment a surge of fame...
I'd never gain truth that way.

They say one life,
I say die a thousand times,
just discover it's done,
not how you might like!

Tedious dreams, 
lifting a veil off your altered states...

Live Like A Dream – 30 Seconds To Mars

We’ll Come Out of This Stronger

We’ll come out of this stronger,

how the enemies couldn’t be wronger.

“We are never defeated unless we give up on God.” – Ronald Reagan

“A man of courage is also full of faith.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

We’ll come out of this stronger,

how the old world will look so unforgotten,

time to move on,

let the angels move on,

embrace the current,

ride your soul,

anticipate change and desire,

search a million places,

hide a millions faces,

remember to pick up the pieces.

A fitting song to the circumstances
A fitting song to the circumstances
A fitting song to the circumstances


A sea is a sea just as a boat is a boat,

and that boat rides the sea,

and the sea cushions each blow,

a few hundred men hungry and ready to go,

to sea,

being all they can be,

that adventure into the boundless waves,

enough to lighten any pirate day,

of course the sea hasn’t always been this way,

but then again…neither have they.

Circle Eternal – We All Go To The Same Place

Circle eternal.

You know, one day, trillions of years in the future, long after the demise of the human race…their will be a long time of darkness. A degenerate era in the universe.

You know, after trillions of years, after the human race has long gone, we’ll enter the black hole era.

You know, once that is all done, for trillions of years, the black holes will disappear…one by one. Leaving everyone undone.

You know, I can bear to see the pain that stakes your eyes. 
I can tolerate the hurt you feel inside...
I can forgo the tears to see you all another day.
When the universe has done,
leaving all of us pretty much done,
I can wait till a thousand lifetimes has passed to see you all again.

Our sun will die out, we’ll all be left to freeze it out….

The world is now, the universe here….

how much more do you need?

A sacred heart,
a loving soul,
all torn between an eternal goal,
you foal, 
grown unshaven sheep,
licking everybody you bloody meet! 

We live on one dimension…three in fact. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

You say, “wow I don’t like math.” You should try….

Every level, 
every dimension,
surges of energy,
fleeting pulses,
extrapolate sources,
divergent currents. 

Trillions on trillions of lifetimes.

A trillion lifetimes,
to play a game,
so insane,
yet so ingrained,
in our souls.

We forget our needs,
surface the bad deeds,
sucked into evil fun,
because you have become,
unaware, sleeping, dozing....blind ignorant.  

“So, what does life mean then?”

“Why on earth dear boy, have you become so hung up on such fun?”

“What’s the answer?”

“Dear boy, you’ve only just begun, why don’t you just live your life in fun.”

Well versed in disgrace,
shoving aside Gods eternal embrace,
left aside waiting for someone to show you inside,


A dark walk.
My favourite.
Holding my candle tight.
As each foot embraces the night.

Every corner has its ghosts,
each narrow lane a demon host,
everyone forging their own way home,
everyone suppressing the old, soul. 

What are you becoming?
A rusting day undone.
The kings useless trusted, son.

I'm letting go,
have to become, 
all that you would regret,
sunken in that oil well of grit. 

Darkened knight,
golden sword of pure....
your chivalrous master,
a darkened walk home.

If you thought that wall was black,
I can guarantee you won't like the walk back.

Thick veins of black,
heart of smelted iron,
lackluster souls wandered motion. 

Heaven strength, 
God send,
your incurable disease, 
back the old way. 

It was a dark walk.
I had all night to observe the stars.
You had a lifetime to prepare your goodbye.

Words, needlessly lingering on suspense,
our gaze, enough to make anyone move out of the way,
the touch, of sheathed lust,
the days, burning into night,
life, hanging on suspense.

My candle drop,
lost a lot,
black stone block,
awaiting my knock.

Gone the walls of unforgiving...
enter the realm, 
aether angel,
moving well,
light rain,
dusts dance,
Ariel forgoing walk,
stars connected,
it all seems too disconnected.

See my dark walk,
sneer the tall guard,
hear peace so hard,
as you're guided....
that walk....

must appease,
there is so much more to see,
the wall is thin,
the veil thinner,
our energy supplied like devil dinner. 


“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” – Arthur C. Clarke

“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.” – Ray Bradbury

Hello friends, nice to meet you.

…. . .-.. .-.. — / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. … –..– -. .. -.-. . / – — / — . . – / -.– — ..- .-.-.-

A love so strong, 
breaking through all we did wrong, 
pleased to meet you, 
let's get along.


And in this dash, dot and line,
is an art so refined,
it bends the seas of time,

Your eyes,
like wines refined,
aged in cellar of time,
look out you unfazed mind.

Love weep like a rose,
seep like a pettle,
rise like the ashes.

silver liAR,
pendant sacrificer,
eternal loser. 

Take your love,
roll it into a rainy cloud,
and leave it out for the proud.

Your eyes,
like black candlelight in the night,
a sorcerers unkindly delight.

Your love,
as infinite as the universe,
as cold as the black expanse surrounding us.

Your lies,
could seep through gold,
melt our hearts,
wake us from our slumber.

It began with an empty shower,
it'll end with you all losing power,
sleepless night,
unending days,
you slither your way back inside. 

Even if it takes a lifetime,
you'll be waiting for me,
even if you can't see me crying,
you'll be singing for me,
and I'll be breaking those spaces,
awaiting to see all of your faces.

Matter moves,
love evolves,
are lives entwined in the stars?
as you try to latch onto who you are.

Don't break a sweat,
live life with no regrets,
don't forget,
who you want to be.

Love last a lifetime of a thousand beating hearts,
crumbled onto your paper plate,
all it would of taken,
would've been a thousand seconds more.

Pilot - "Passing Jupiter, little time left."
Control - "Abort mission, all is lost."
You'll see that sun rising over the canyons,
our eyes setting in the stone light,
as night begins to merge with day,
yet you are still so far away.

Heavenly realm,
high as the sky,
dreaming up human delights,
casting down many days of blight,
see that angel fly into the castle tonight.

Unknown - "Your earthbound souls are entering dangerous territory."
Pilot - "Mission control, permission received."


Walk on through graveyard,
spirited being,
immortal soul whisp.
lifeless translucent gift.

Our ghosts of yesterday singing their way passed the saints,
are our ghosts fighting longing for a return back to the other side?
Would they take the time to burn in a lake of fire for their return?

Ghosts longing, never belonging,
left in a space-less time,
a punishment for their lives,
all left out to dry,

You speak the words the living don't want to hear,
you spend all eternity dying to get all,
you lap up the hurt and pain to return the next day.

A light year away,
peering in my window,
a globe floating space bound,
checking my engines.

Fleeting moment,
relentless time,
ceasing window,
give me my time.

Ghost way up nigh,
keeping your aether eye,
noose around the necktie,
slipping so shy,
way up high.

Wandering ghosts filling in the blanks,
wandering ghosts filing with the banks,
wandering ghosts, counting down their time. - Jason Becker - Valley Of Fire - Marty Friedman - Miracle - David Bowie - Starman - Genesis - I know what I like (In your wardrobe)