Simple Being

caritate te ipsum, love thyself,

scio te ipsum, know thyself,

one must tranverse that great river before coming to the true side,

the dark and hard path that lay in front,

a mere illusion,

grapple with the demons and angels,

wrestle with your god,

fly around wondering what the heck is going on,

if the light is real or powder,

mere dust settled in an expanse,

carpe diem, seize the day,

so I heard you say,

but unfortunately life won’t always be this way,

that’s what I say,

so look up to the skies with teardrops in your eyes,

battles of fire raging across the sunet,

bring your cross and dagger,

and meet me at the equinox,

the journey to our infinite love has not begun,

trying hard to passion existence,

bleeding through the wire to find another reason,

hitting that height to just admire,

a word you could say,

quam pulchra, how lovely,

shoot across the rooftops at night,

skate into a secluded desert bar,

pull up a chair, prepare,

for the night is a scar,

not too far for you to find,

seeking your ways out of your mind,

that bridge to the other side,

how fragile I find.

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