The Walking Dead: Mcfarlane Figures

Rick Grimes Series 1 Figure
Rick Grimes

It has to be said, that since its debut in 2010, I’ve been an avid and obsessed fan of The Walking Dead. Granted it went downhill for me, but I still remain loyal to the first 5 or 6 seasons.

It was a show that kept me excited for a Friday and made the weeks bearable, until they switched to Monday showing, which was a little annoying. I’ve been through it all. The Fox to FX switch and back to Fox again. The Joop Homme adverts sponsoring the first few seasons which actually encouraged me to buy it, the first time an advert had me genuinely interested.

Things have changed, television is becoming very stale and series are being dragged out unnecessarily. If The Walking Dead had stopped at season 7, then it could have left a great legacy. It will only be the first 6 seasons I remember as the greats, even season 6 was stretching it for me!

This post is about the Mcfarlane Walking Dead collectible figures in all their plastic glory. Detailed, small and articulate and complete with character accessories as per the show. There is an alternate comic book style character line, but I’m a die hard fan of the show not the comics.

Rick Grimes series 1 figure shows him in his sheriff outfit with pistol and radio, baseball bat, grenade and colt python revolver. It’s a rare and sought after figurine and a definite for any The Walking Dead fans. I haven’t got one myself but have just ordered a series 2 Rick Grimes which focuses on his look from season 2 when he is on Hershel’s farm.

Yes it may seem childish to collect figurines and buying some was certainly a gut wrenching feeling, but I am an adult who loves the show and wants to remember the glory days. I have only bought figures that represent characters from the first few seasons up to now. I intend to expand my collection and would love to know who else has these figures and what they are looking for! Daughter of Hershel Greene, Beth Greene is another rare and expensive figure fetching upwards of £100 on Amazon. She is on my list to collect as she really made the fifth season a personal favourite of mine. To have her killed off was a true heart breaker.

Beth Greene

There are characters who haven’t been scanned and molded yet. Mcfarlane have not released a Gabriel Stokes figure yet, which is extremely surprising given his prominent present from season 5 onward. In fact he is one of the most developed characters on the show in my opinion, surpassing many others. Eaglemoss did make a small base attached statue, but to truly appreciate this man it needs making into a figure similar to other Mcfarlane The Walking Dead figures! Come on, we need a plastic Rosita!

Abraham is another figure I am looking to buy. I have the 7.5 inch version mounted to a small plastic base, but the 5 inch figures give more freedom of expression and allow you to place them in any position within reason.

Abraham Ford

What characters would you like to see made into collectible figures? Lori, Tomas, Rosita?

The 7.5 inch collection was small and didn’t last long. There is huge potential for The Walking Dead to have more figures made and I am certain there are enough adult and children collectors out there who would be prepared to buy them soon as. Figures such as Eugene Porter are made but sadly in attire that doesn’t match their characters well.

Eugene Porter

As you can see, he’s wearing an outfit that the character wears I think a few times compared to Glenn Rhee for example who wore riot gear multiple times. Eugene was never a fighter and admitted that, so why sell him in this costume? Simple, it is action orientated and people will find it cool, especially children. Considering the show is rated 15 for season 1 and 18 for every other season, it is questionable as to how and why children are buying these toys…surely that means children are watching adult programs? I was 15 when I watched the first season, and at an emotional and mental intelligence to distinguish right from wrong, unlike many others…

Next on my list, wait for the series 2 Rick Grimes to arrive and look for a horseback edition…and hope Mcfarlane bring out a Gabriel figure! I have 7.5 inch Daryl but let’s face it, the Daryl with crossbow and motorbike edition are the real collectible edition.

Daryl Dixon with motorbike.

Are you a big fan of the show? Do you have any The Walking Dead collectibles? Do you have any rare merchandise? Let me and others know in the comments and thank you for reading!

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