Invenire se,

reach to the stars,

fall back to earth,

shattered into a million pieces,

destined to climb back up again,

stripped of integrity and meaning,

left out to dry,

built back up on a new foundation,

chiseled mind and matter,

discover yourself.

Writing a thousand words to hear your call,

dreaming a thousand dreams to see you again,

I never knew,

someone was out there,

watching over me.

Life finds a way,

provehito in altum,

Im ‘e somno expergiscitur,

ut novum vitae.

To swim, fly, walk,

cry, feast,

live, learn, laugh,

next to nothing beside a growing desperation,

embarking on my final quest.

3 thoughts on “Investigatio

  1. We can take a chance indeed, walk into the depth of a new way to live life. Only way to follow through is with open eyes and acceptance of one another. Good ✍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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