Hard Work

I’m studying a law degree, my last year or final year starts in October. That’s a considerable wait, as a big part of the course, the last assessments (like exams except all in assignment format) were cancelled, therefore leaving me with this big chunk of time. I’ll be writing, and I’ll be practicing guitar and trying to generally be a better person. I’ve resisted saying a few negative things lately after being pushed by people intent on annoying me. I suppose that’s a step in the right direction.

It’s taken dedication, hard work, and aspiration to come this far. I have other life issues and health issues, so me to get this far, the final year is a huge achievement. I don’t like to feel pride or boast, but I do feel proud. I hope you are all working hard at what you want to do, or are working hard in your careers! Writing for me is a hobby but I published Beach Town: Apocalypse anyway to make my mark on the world. Once I start working in law I guess my time to write will decrease, but my creativity and inspiration won’t.

This blog was started a few years ago to just try and keep myself motivated and busy with something other than television and phone. It was on and off for years but this year I’ve really been contributing to it. Like the slogan suggest, I write when I can be bothered. That’s one of the benefits of being a blogger. I have garnered many likes and comments, which I am truly grateful, but not nearly as much as others. My goal is to create a place with a variety of topics, as you’ve seen I do music, film and television, random articles, poetry and word prompts.

I was also confused the other week, thinking it was mental health awareness week. But it’s the 18th to 24th May. So 2 days left to make an impact. I’ve seen a substantial increase in the amount of people with diagnosis, and can’t help feel the majority have been labelled and pilled to make the professionals jobs easier.

Depression and anxiety are rampant, and lack of face to face communication is the biggest cause in my opinion. People can argue that it’s a lack of certain neurotransmitters, but call me opinionated, I don’t side with that argument, which is designed to keep big pharmaceutical companies in business.

I’ve also found more and more people with multiple diagnosis from say 20 year old onward. That I find ridiculous, to say have depression, schizophrenia, autism, bipolar? NO. Do you honestly think someone has that many conditions? It is also dangerous as once these people attain all these titles, they will argue to the death that they are sick and have those conditions. Concluding, there is a lot of over diagnosing going on, and a lot of unnecessary prescriptions, which is leaving people worse off.

If we are to help people, then communication, face to face support and good old fashioned love and respect go a long way. Reach out to people, don’t let them pity themselves or bring you down, at the end of the day you can only do your best to assist them.

Poem: Hard Work

A stringent wave lying over the riveted seas,

picking up the grime and dirt as it makes it way to the shore,

you have to be patient whilst the salt is filtered,

the dirt removed,

it splashes down on you,

nowhere to go and nobody to see,

only the box where you make your money.

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