Migraine Treatment & Prevention _ From A Sufferer

Migraine, classified as a primary headache disorder. Triggered by mere light, sound, smells, emotions, hunger, lack of sleep and tension along with many others. As a sufferer since childhood, I have learnt to live with these experiences, although mine have always been of the aura type without the head pain in most cases, but pain is a problem nonetheless.

I am going to share some natural remedies along with some other tips that may or may not help you. I can’t be liable if it doesn’t help you!

Supplements: The list is endless, but for migraine, specific ‘extras’ can help. Magnesium for muscle relaxation, vitamin C (works to stop a migraine in its tracks for me sometimes), vitamin d, b vitamin complex (all b vitamins at once) and green tea (caffeinated).

Exercise: It may seem counter intuitive, but walking, or cycling can help increase blood circulation, so after taking a supplement go for a walk. I’ve been in the midst of terrible aura before and forced myself to go out, it worked! I got back feeling much better! If you are in so much pain, don’t push yourself.

Sleep: I don’t use this option much, because it can be bad to sleep all the time. But, if you are out of options and are desperate, then maybe go lie down in a dark room. I did this, shutting my eyes and within half hour had the energy to get some remedies!

Food and Water: How many times I’ve had a migraine, and then eaten and drank some water and felt immediately better? A LOT. Food is essential energy, get it straight away, and make the meal light! Banana and water, cheese and crackers, you can have anything. I’m not a believer in food triggers, which brings me to the last point.

Exposure: Live with migraine, and just ignore it. I have struggled immensely with this condition, and yes I have avoided so called food ‘triggers’ but ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Over time, your body will adapt, and the so called ‘triggers’ will not affect you any longer.

All these suggestions are remedies and treatments. The order doesn’t matter. Although, food at the beginning of the attack is essential!

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