Blinded By A Paradise

I was blinded by a paradise,

come on in it’s all free,

in the end you don’t pay,

they have it all,

on display,

for you to make your way into,

and play,

before they take,

your breath away,

they were blinded by ignorance and shame,

until the people woke up,

in a mighty roar,

the lion pounced upon the hearts of the pigs,

tearing into their pockets,

leaving them bare,


I was a pig, he was a sheep,

that’s when we first meet,

then the money became the gold,

my plateau renaissance,

raining down on me,

please, oh lord, let it be,


no longer a paradise,

a crumbling dream,

a burning nightmare,

you have it all,

just look inside,

find your way,

don’t give in,

to hypocrisy.


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