Happy St George’s Day England!

Happy St George’s Day England! A celebration for many, not this year. Celebrated ever year on the 23rd April, because that is the widely accepted date that he died in the year AD 303.

Georgia also celebrates St George’s Day along with many other Christian cultures and countries where St George is their patron saint, including Portugal and cities like Moscow.

The legend goes that George was martyred for his faith under Emperor Diocletian in the early fourth century. Most people know his dragon slaying legend, but just in case, there it is! Apparently he offered to slay the dragon in return that everyone convert to Christianity. A little rough for the 21st century.

It’s a good day, a day for celebration, to reminisce over the legend of good conquering evil. We can continue to use St George as an icon in today’s world, and his figure and heroic actions are valid today more than ever. With these dark times, we need to stick together to conquer many new world issues such as pollution and global warming, climate change, food shortage, good healthcare systems, fair work policies, housing, care, medicine, education and happiness for all.

Have a brilliant day, enjoy every moment even in these difficult times. WizardTom


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