Doctor Sleep – Stephen King: Movie Review

This review contains spoilers.

The Long awaited adaption of the Stephen King novel released 31st October 2019. I saw the movie in November with a friend, and I was actually frightened! This was a good adaption although certain areas were not filmed which I believe would have contributed to the audiences experience. (One being the extent of Danny’s alcohol problems).

Rated 7.4 on IMBD and 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, standing at a run time of 2 hours 32 minutes and directed by Mike Flanagan.

It was a dark, unsettling ride from beginning to end, and discovering the characters of the True Knot on screen was genuinely terrifying. Abra, the little girl and one main character is helped by Danny, who can sense the shining in her strongly and decides to help save her when he discovers the True Knot are after her. What are the True Knot? A bunch of very ancient people who survive by eating children’s ‘shining.’ I was blown away by the book and the film did not disappoint. I also cannot stress how unsettling this was, with its eery camera angles, the dark settings and the constant focus on death.

It leads Danny and Abra down a dangerous path where they communicate using the shining and since Abra is so powerful, she is capable of more than that. She has the power of telekinesis and teleportation which she uses brilliantly. Finely acted by Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Kyliegh Curran and Cliff Curtis. I will not forget Ewan Mcgregor’s perfomance in the final act which surpasses many of his previous films. It comes down to an epic cat and mouse tale in which Danny endevours to rescue Abra from this cult the True Knot, whilst battling his alcoholism and inner demons (literally).

I understand horror films need scary scenes, but a child sacrifice scene was way way too much, and I believe should have been cut or not shot at all, we get how horrid and evil the True Knot are, we don’t need children slaying on screen! It is rated 15, but personally I feel a rating of 18 was more appropriate for the themes and horror in this movie. The director has done a glorious job and many King fans will be proud of this creation.

My rating for Doctor sleep (2019) = 4/5



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