Goliath: television program review

A legal thriller series starring Billy Bob Thornton, on top form as a down on his luck ambulance chasing lawyer. This is one of the most excellent legal series I have watched. We don’t get a nice mannered lawyer who kisses ass, we get Billy McBride, a real real person who wants to get to bottom of each case. The acting is great, the story lines good and the conclusion on each satisfying, although on the 3rd season I was hoping for a different ending!

So IMDB rates is 8.2/10 and Rotten Tomatoes rates it 82%. They are accurate, although my rating is going to be higher, because I haven’t been genuinely interested to find out more than with this series. 3 seasons and each builds on the last. There are small links throughout each, and they connect in unsuspecting ways. I found the season 3 with Dennis Quaid a real divert from the expected and it fulfilled my appetite.

Each episode feels fresh, interesting and moderately paced. As we enter the second season we start to see Billy connecting with more people and then the 3rd is Billy’s career highlight and his biggest, most dangerous case yet, literally nearly killing him. I found the characters interesting, fun and realistic! The scenes were all about the plot but of course some episodes were cut very toughly and scenes jagged cut from one to the next.

As I say this is one excellently acted series, interesting, thrilling and importantly open to a 4th season which I would love. Amazon Prime original does it again with this legal take on the run down lawyer.

My rating : 9/10

I’m a hard man to please.

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