Pull Up On My Side

There is delusion and you believe that wrong is right,

that black is white,

that there is no fight,

not that night,

at least until you have foresight,

with all your might,

you go towards the light,

in order to right,

the wrongs,

before pulling up on my side.

You tore my heart into a million pieces

You tore my heart into a million pieces,

it gathers dust beneath a grimy counter,

swept and un-cared for,

like me,

it wasn’t sympathy, it wasn’t empathy,

it was respect,

bursting from my gallons eyes,

fluidly rolling off the edge of our love,

boundless energy shooting through space,

defeating evil,

but those days are gone,

much like your elegancy,

destroyed forever,

until you see me,

it wasn’t love, it was convenient,

a black hole of desperate selfishness wrapped you up in a closet,

whilst I battled the broken pieces,

I battled the aching, burning, caring heart,

angels, aren’t real,

you’re the epiphany of the devil,

rolling round that sea of desire and greed,

waiting to pounce on your next victim,

it’s now cared for, and tended and loved,

self-compassion goes a long way.




A rough draft held in the air,

flame tethered to the flame,

ashes to the water,

crystalising spaces,

you look into the empty hearts of anger and shame,

daring to venture beyond your home,

a rock under ivy,

logs under worms,

you look between the hearts of fear and blame,

dancing around the lakes of resentment and rejoice,

pouncing through the night to meet the day,

let your eyes be the sea of the dragon,

you toss and you turn,



Endlessly running through an icy snow storm,

trying to find a warm shelter,

endlessly sacrificing the luxuries,

in order to live,

no food, no water and no hope,

crying a river frozen mid air,

not enough time for each footstep,

when they come taunting you,

chasing you,

you’re too slow,

time to go,

because you know,

endlessly sacrificing the luxuries is the way to go.


Thanks for reading. ūüôā

Dawn of the Dead (1978): Movie Review

A long awaited review, following my book review of Dawn of the Dead, so here it is. After all these years I am finally reviewing this iconic movie. Released in 1978, with various cuts and special editions, this review will focus on the 2 hour and 7 minute movie. That is the version I have on DVD and have had for years, the blu-ray is expensive and very sought after. Rated by IMDB at 7.9 and Rotten Tomatoes at 93%. Directed by George A. Romero. 

Following an ever-growing epidemic of zombies that have risen from the dead, two Philadelphia S.W.A.T. team members, a traffic reporter, and his television executive girlfriend seek refuge in a secluded shopping mall.

Here’s the trailer: https://www.imdb.com/video/vi215942681?playlistId=tt0077402&ref_=tt_ov_vi

Starring an unknown cast at the time, which adds a fantastic authentic feel to the movie, following Night of the Living Dead and proceeding Day of the Dead, Dawn stands tall as one of the greatest movies ever made and probably the best zombie movie made. David Emge as Stephen, Ken Foree as Peter, Scott H. Reiniger as Roger and Gaylen Ross as Francine. The cast are very good actors and the acting is just very real, I didn’t think to myself on the first watch, ‘I’m watching a movie,’ I thought, ‘this is a great adventure.’

Ripe with consumerism symbolism, and selfish greed, we see our characters survive as they battle to take back the giant mall from the dead whilst enjoying the excess luxury all the shops have to offer. Our first encounter with the characters is Francine, in a memorable chaotic scene at the start of the movie inside an overwhelmed and understaffed news station trying to get the news out to the world that the zombies are taking over. It’s not long before they are all on-board the chopper off to the mall.

Things were slightly unsettling and disturbing before reaching the mall, and then Tom Savini (make-up, fx) brings us some dire zombies elegantly directed by Romero. The shopping mall really does take on a claustrophobic feel, and with the continued use of red, it’s easy to get scared. First time I was! Of course, our heroes are temporarily safe and they begin to enjoy the luxury.

Each store becomes their haven, they over indulge, taking a lot of things to make home their small storage room. This is some genius directing and plot, because we know that all this materialism will not save them in the end. The threat of the zombies soon goes, and the survivors become the zombies, in and out of the shops.

Then we get to the end of the movie, the biker gang. Their attack unsettles this fake paradise that our survivors have built, and they don’t like that. The gang attack, zombies are unleashed on the mall and our group is left with 1 option…escape! The finale was and is an epic and uncharted case of movie making. Today, motorbike gangs in zombies films are probably overdone, but back then, it was cutting edge, along with Savini’s special fx. There are wide camera shots of the bikers in the mall, long shots of our survivors running around and over the shoulder shots for some brutal kills. Legendary moment: Tom Savini as the biker who machete’s a zombie in the head!.

The ending, the bikers leave having unleashed carnage on the mall, and ignorant of what life truly means. The zombies are back and our remaining survivors are forced out by the dead in a chilling end scene, one of the most iconic in movie history also.

If you are a zombie fan, horror fan, comedy fan or just want to watch a relevant movie, then Dawn of the Dead is for you.


And that is rare to get a 5 from me. Take care.

Mission Impossible – Fallout: Movie Review

Potential spoilers

12A, 2 hours & 27 minutes, 2018, thriller adventure movie. Tom Cruise returns to grace us with his latest mission, teaming up with Henry Cavill (Superman), Ving Rhames (Dawn of the Dead, Mission Impossible) and Simon Pegg (Mission impossible Rogue Nation, Shaun of the Dead).

Grossing $791.1 million and directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

This film in my opinion was not as good as Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. It did not deliver the thrills or as much action. There is a good, speedy and action filled start, but then the story turns to the past, taking previous characters and unnecessarily bringing them back. Henry Cavill was a welcome addition and turning out to be the bad guy made it so much better. The acting overall by all the cast was average. The stunts, of which it appeared there were few, were not as mind blowing as you’d think. A motorbike chase scene and skydiving scene into a giant party were the highlights along with the helicopter chase at the end of the movie.

It would have been better to use a more real threat. Nuclear bombs are at the heart of fallout, and to its detriment. At least in the previous films, they have used biological weapons to good success because they can be release often and more easily, whereas a nuclear bomb can’t simple be thrown around. Tom Cruise is no longer young, he is still doing his own stunts, considering how much he gets paid that’s a good thing, but I can’t help see his huge ego blocking the action because he just happens to be cocky in everything he does. I used to like his mission impossible films, but now, I say end it there.

There is a sequel planned for 2021 and supposedly another movie after that! Let’s hope the next movie is more fulfilling than this. It’s not awful, it’s just boring for long stretches with very stiffly acted scenes that add little to the plot. So, when action scenes takes effect, we are recovering from sleep, at least I was. As a long time fan, I thought the movies got better and better, but the peak is and will be Rogue Nation for me.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Crushing Ways

Material immateriality, a superior derogatory passion.

Hiding under a designer rock grasping at the remains of your pearls necklaces and diamond rings, the birds know not of the luxury, the tiger and the lion pursue not luxury, there was a star gazing down upon you, lapping up the energy of desire, feasting and beasting your only way, you are above a molding log sipping gold leaf, whilst hail stones drown you, there are no stars in heaven, there is no other, falling pines and crushing ways, you take me today so that I keep me sane, I lift my arms dangling absurdly priced gear, in the hope that someone will hear.

In the end, the fire burns your heart so thick in blackness no light can penetrate it, you hylic, you fool, there is nothing left here for you.

Genesis: The Last Domino? Tour


British Rock band Genesis are going on tour in the UK towards the end of the year, their first tour since 2007, When In Rome.

I was completely unaware and surprised to discover this tour happening 2020! I just purchased 2 tickets now, but be warned, they are very expensive. I understand they are popular, bestselling, revered….but give us a break….¬£350 for a ticket to stand up? I’d rather sit anyway for ¬£181….a bloody expensive seat. The memory will hopefully be a good one, and will last a lifetime. With the lock down, I am spending less and so have the extra cash.¬†Anyway, that was 1 thing on my list for when I am allowed out again, visit a concert! Genesis have now filled the slot and I am very happy.

The line up will consist of the 3, Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. Ticket Master UK has this description:

Genesis, one of the biggest selling recording artists of all time and one of Britain’s most internationally renowned bands, will be touring for the first time in 13 years.

The Last Domino? Tour 2020 starts in Dublin on 16 November and will be Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford‚Äôs first live outing together since the globe-trotting, sell-out Turn It On Again: The Tour in 2007. They will be joined on stage by Nic Collins on drums, and the band’s long-time guitar and bass player Daryl Stuermer.

Genesis have sold an estimated 100 million albums and have played to sold-out stadiums and arenas all over the world for decades.

The evolution of Genesis is unique, their sound developed and progressed throughout their career and with multiple line-up alterations in the early years, the classic line-up of Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford took shape in 1976.

And Then There Were Three (1978) was the first album the band released as a three-piece and spawned the single Follow You Follow Me which was their first UK top 10 and US top 30 single and proved to be the start of huge commercial global success. The albums Duke (1980), Abacab (1981), Genesis (1983), Invisible Touch (1986) and We Can’t Dance (1991) followed for the trio, alongside almost constant global stadium tours cementing the band as one of the most successful of all time.

Tony, Phil and Mike reunited again as a band in 2007 after almost 10 years for the Turn It On Again Tour which went on to be one of the biggest grossing tours on the year playing sold-out stadiums around the world.

So, there’s the news in this very happy post. Check out the song – I Can’t Dance – by Genesis below for your entertainment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNJVFloPIVA


Wash Away

A poem dedicated to nature, the earth, the wildlife, the humans and the unknown.

Wash Away

Washed away into the sea, sinking, beneath broken dreams come clattered shell rocks, gold mines unveiled clams, ball of fire distinguished under sand, rupturing around the fish and coral reefs, I am close to the bottom and sinking faster, salting sadness now converting to gloomy surprise as the sun streaks across bare body under water, wash away, and wash today.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know what you are up to today, I am writing and will practice guitar later on this evening.

Prometheus: Movie Review

Potential Spoilers

In the distant future, two superpowers control Earth and fight each other for all the solar system’s natural resources. When one side dispatches a team to a distant planet to terraform it for human colonization, the team discovers an indigenous race of bio-mechanoid killers.

Released in 2012 and directed by Ridley Scott, a reboot of the alien franchise. A rating of 7/10 from IMBD and 73% by Rotten Tomatoes. This was an unusual form and overall, it did scare and provide mystery. However, all the alien elements were there, except the Alien, and that was the films biggest let down. That is like having a Friday The 13th movie without Jason!

It starts well, and then the acting keeps the films going. The plot was slow, tense and did not fully deliver. But it was a good and action filled film. I feel the lack of alien in this was underwhelming. There was the sequel Alien: Covenant, but that was worse and also waited until the end of the movie to ‘reveal’ the alien.

The whole film seems like a dedication to the first alien movie, and the similarities between the characters echo Ripley and the first space ship. As usual, Hollywood has favoured nostalgia over originality and I dislike that, a lot. Good acting, nice sets and camera angles, and lighting, sound and everything else couldn’t pull this out of the hole it went down.

I am being harsh, because it took me 2 watches of this movie to realise there are better reboots out there. Again, an alien film, without the alien, makes no sense, no matter how many references are there or similar characters. The first watch I was like, ‘whoa what a scary film, excellent, and it’s an alien film!’ Then again I didn’t realise it was a reboot.

My rating is: 3.5 out of 5