The Walking Dead: Descent – Book Review


Wow what utter garbage. Overly written if anything. I am a fan of the walking dead, but this book, just wow, give me a break. I’ll try to balance the pros and cons, but after reading it, I feel robbed and I got the book in a charitable shop!

A promising book cover, the title The Walking Dead: Descent and an intriguing blurb. As a reader and writer, when I come across series, I want to be able to jump in any book and be aware of the surroundings and situation, be able to connect with characters in a standalone story. This book was not a standalone, and felt like a filler, sealing the gap with fiction and television. The world of Woodbury, firstly had little to no description and so many characters I could not keep up, nor could I visualise who they were. The writing, the actual words…constructed in breath taking length and descriptions. The length of the book could have been halved if the author hadn’t rambled on and spent half the book getting to the presumed plot.

There is no plot as far as I am aware. (SPOILERS) a large horde and maniacal cult? They are no plot material, rather, side plots that could have been used alongside something else. As I said, half the book is spent talking about supply runs with no meaning and characters who sit around doing nothing. The text was small and a struggle to read as well. One character, Bob, was probably the most interesting person, even surpassing the protagonist, Lilly. Lilly does some very stupid, unexplained things, and we as readers will not know more than she takes pills. I skimmed the last thirty pages as the book really did ramble on

I want to say something positive about it. The location, Woodbury, could have been used much better than it was. A fantastic opportunity to explore the realms of it. I could not visualise past the race track gardens? If that is what they were. This novel is overly big, uses too many words, has a boring idea of a plot (an overused plot device of a cult) and drags on and on and on. It really seems like a novel that is feeding off the popularity of the show and as such, is written poorly with the intention of making money. The book is not a worthy of being in a series or standalone as it serves only one purpose: to latch onto the walking dead and hope that young people see past the faults so it can make money.

I see right through your money making scams: Overall score: 1/5

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