Surviving The Evacuation: Frank Tayell Book Review

I read this book at the start of 2017 and have not had a chance to review it. This is a survival zombie horror book. Overall, it provides a claustrophobic fright and is relatively short for a novel.

The story focuses on Bill Wright, living in London. Bill breaks his leg and during the outbreak where the world is thrown in to chaos. He moans and survives and miraculously continues to use his laptop.

I found the story to be dry and lacking in any sort of character development. It redeemed itself slightly when Bill finally stopped moaning and left his apartment to wander the streets of infested London. Could the author have sped up the process, and kicked Bill out, with a broken leg, fighting for his life sooner? Yes he could. As a reader I don’t care about Bill’s boring existence unless something happens which is fundamentally exciting. I did not feel excited about this journey until he was out in the open and exposed to real danger.

Action was good and the text flowed well, but some chapters were so short that they would probably be better cut altogether.

There was an intriguing lead to another character, Bill’s contact Sholto. This was not explored enough to warrant reading another book. I feel the author has written a work intentionally unfulfilling many areas in order to make people buy subsequent books.

Writing is about passion and love of the genre, and most importantly writing self-contained stories even within a series and although Frank Tayell’s Surviving The Evacuation is apparently revered, I will not be reading any other books in it. The pricing point of book one, at the time £7.99, was overpriced for the short story that you get, essentially a glorified novella.

Overall, this was a let down and probably the reason I haven’t reviewed it until now. If you enjoy a story with no plot and a man moaning with a broken leg, who has no goals or motivation whatsoever, then this is the book series for you. It may get better…but book one does not provide a solid foundation.

Rating: 2/5 

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