Dawn Of The Dead: Book Review

The iconic dawn of the dead novel from legendary director George A. Romero. This book, is the companion to the film, and if you’re lucky, someone might read it to you.

As an adaption, off the bat I’ll say not too bad. Overall the book offers an experience similar to the film, with slight differences in story. The introduction from Simon Pegg is a nice start to such a well-known title. Simon Pegg offers insight into his first experience with the movie, and how dawn of the dead was sadly a video nasty. Of course, Pegg’s most famous film is probably Shaun of the dead, a fantastic, original take on a zombie comedy romance. Enough of that, back to the book.

You may have to read this over a night or two, because in parts the novel does become tedious to read. Many reviews have highlighted the fact that the authors frequently switch characters POV often. I say look past this, as it is not that confusing to follow, and delve in the book, letting your expectations fall away. If you go into reading the novel with expectations that it is going to somehow give you secret information then think again.

Characters get a more in depth look, and we can finally see what those four famous characters, Roger, Peter, Francine and Stephen are thinking. At times, this is what makes the book worth the read. It isn’t going to ramble on about backstory, and is fine and to the point when it comes to personal thoughts.

As an 11 chapter book, this is an ideal length book, not overbearing, containing only essential information, and ending neatly. If you’ve seen the film, this book will be of the same structure.

As for the writing itself. I have seen worse. This book is written as factually as possible. It describes everything as it is. I found this a distraction in some parts, especially when the group clears the mall of zombies. Because the book switches POV often, as mentioned, and is written in a long drawn out manner, people may be put off. There were no spelling mistakes as far as I could tell, and the grammar was a smooth read for the most part.

Ending on a positive note. Nothing compares to this story, this is a novel and film that will last for generations. I’d recommend reading the novel before watching the film, and see how surprised you are at the differences. You’ll feel better knowing more about the characters and the slight change in plot in places, and you can boast to people.

Sometimes stories like these are meant to be read with an open mind, regardless of expectations. A sequel would be nice, however unlikely.

Overall enjoyed this novel, and felt as if I were able to visualise the entire thing.

Rating: 4/5 – Dawn of the Dead Novel

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