Little Monsters: Movie Review

Little Monsters is a zombie comedy that really brings a new and needed take to an overworked genre.

At first, it seems like the horror, adult humour and bloody zombies would have been toned down since the film features a group of children. However, rest assured that the film delivers on that front.

The cast is remarkable, and the lead role performed by Lupita Nyong’o is impeccable. Supported by talented actors Josh Gad and Alexander England.

As a zombie film, it handles the situation very well, overall the danger is very real, and it is up to a class teacher to try and keep her adorable group of children happy and free from fear. Mix this in with a good dose of needed humour, and its akin to zombieland and shaun of the dead.

Overall, it is an effort worth watching – Rated 5/5.


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