Pain and Gain: Review

2013, sees a film based on the life of Daniel Lugo, a bodybuilder who seems to lack intelligence yet offers everything a comedy film could want.

It’s dark humour, and the first time you watch it you might not realise that something is meant to be funny until the second time round. It’s good fun, a crime comedy essentially and based in Miami.

They’re sick of being at the bottom, so 3 bodybuilders, hilariously kidnap and force a wealthy man to sign over everything he owns. It’s going well until they have to kill off a few people and evade the cops. Ultimately for a Michael Bay film this is good, the story and the acting, the action, the grizzly yet funny murders and sense of accomplishment make this a must see film.

If you thought the people you knew were stupid then watch this and think again.

Great film full of dark laughs: 4/5

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