The LadyKillers: Review

A quirky comedy about a group of men, led by southerner posing professor Tom Hanks, pretending to be a band, who are planning to rob a casino from the basement of their landlady’s house.

She is rich, they are thieves. It’s all about fun with this film, the acting from Hanks is super and everyone else, they all make it unbelievably funny and a mixture of awkward moments and pure joy are hand in hand.

Throughout, we get to see how the landlady, Marva Munson lives. She’s a do gooder, and regularly has tea ladies round. Hanks as the professor plays a sly game where he attempts to charm her throughout, distracting her hilariously from the robbery taking place within the basement.

As a crime film it fairs well, the plot is okay and the characters tend to have traits and conflicts that make them half believable. All seems well, perhaps the film does start off slow and takes a while to grasp the style in which it is made.

It isn’t until the last 40 minutes though, that the comedy and drama really come into play, the hapless gang are determined to wipe out the landlady who has found out about the robbery. This leads to a faster paced ending which felt satisfactory but not overwhelming with surprise. The attempts to get rid of her are among the most humorous.

I say it’s worth a check but not something I would be in a hurry to watch again, it is a very slow paced film.

Overall: 3/5

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