Before the invention of the modern, slim TVs, I used to have to endure many periods where the TV would enter a static phase. There would be nothing on it, nothing, but a little irritating hiss and sparkles that some say house secret voices.

It was electrifying, touching the screen as the silver and black lines dominated it, I could feel my soul light up like a Christmas tree. Why, is that the result of electricity or a collection of trapped ghouls, leeching through onto my skin?

It’s strange but in the static you become slow enough and present enough to be able to endure your own minds gibberish, you embrace unknowingly the moment as you wait for the film to start or the signal to adjust. We should take that, we should use it, we should become still like the fizzing static and prepare to engage once again in the constantly forward moving of time and increase in stress.

We should take time to become static.


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