The Ridiculous 6

Released in 2015, this Adam Sandler film has received poor reviews and criticism. However, I am hoping to bring it into a new light, as the film is rather fun and enjoyable, and is probably best enjoyed with others.

I give credit to Adam Sandler, whose movies over the years have been consistent in both comedy and drama, and in fact have taken on more serious issues over time. The Ridiculous 6 is no exception when it comes to comedy, it has some extremely humorous moments, but the style could be construed as childish and ‘bad’.

The story itself is solid, having 6 brothers, who set out to rescue their father, who they have not met. Already this throws up humorous images. It is set in the wild west which allows for more realistic action compared to the modern day. The film is a good wild west film even if they hadn’t set off on the mission to find their father. There are good gunfights, women, and disease and death which make is plausible.

The shots our well done, it always feels like you are experiencing the best in camera angles, getting the most out of the scenes. Acting is first class and a bonus, along with the tremendously bizarre situations the brothers find themselves in. This adds to the ‘can’t believe that’ mindset that I frequently had throughout, which also happens to be triggered by incredibly messed up dark comedy.

It’s an adventure, an action, a drama and comedy and it thrives well in each area. It’s best to enjoy it with others, and look at the silly jokes and acting as just that, silly. The characters have unique abilities and further make it ‘unbelievable’ to the close minded. I say give it a viewing, especially if you are in your teens or are a young adult.

Overall: 4/5

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