Carving a future

The current state of politics and media is appalling, they are carving a pretty bland and depressing future for our descendants.

We vote them in and watch their news reports hoping for a glimpse of hope, instead they bombard the masses with nonsensical logic. Why do we let them? We might not believe it but we somehow enjoy putting our faith in the weather man and someone with a suit. Don’t get used to it, they can’t save you, they won’t save you and definitely don’t care for your actual opinion.

Perhaps we should carve a tattoo to their brains that proclaims our insanity for them to enjoy. No, they do the carving, they carve a recession and we fill in the gaps. They carve wars and religions and everything else, so that we can fill in the crevices.

Instead of falling into the grooves, climb out and carve your own mindset, carve your own future.

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