Z Nation: Review

Z nation, the only real competitor in the zombie genre that competes well with the now infamous The walking Dead and its spin off, Fear The Walking Dead. Is it that good though? Many might be surprised at the constant humour and yet tight take on the zombie apocalypse. It covers a wide array of situations, most of which are believable and has some great cinematography and artistic direction.

So, firstly for those who might be interested in watching it, I personally recommend this fantastic series, if not just for the quirky humour but also the brilliant acting and ambitious direction the series has taken.

It centers initially around a small group of survivors whom are tasked with escorting ‘Murphy’, someone immune to the virus, all the way across the US from New York to California. This is their goal, this is the story. The characters from the beginning, in particular ‘Doc’, ‘Murphy’ and the lonely ‘Citizen Z’ are what make this series particularly enjoyable. Most TV series lack a character who is believable, but with Z nation they do a damn good job of portraying the different personality types and intertwining them to create just enough tension and drama.

The episodes really vary dramatically from series to series, and easily rival and beat The Walking Dead, which quickly becomes boring and zombie less. I have never seen such creative ways to kill or bring zombies into a story, from hurricanes hurtling the dead hundreds of feet, radioactive zombies, zombie weed, lobotomy zombies, zombie museums and not to mention ‘Murphy’ can control zombies because he has that immune power…and he certainly likes to use it, and many more situations! Every episode feels like a real struggle for survival and never really fails to deliver, each character has motivation and even though there have been many deaths it seems the remaining people are more determined than ever to bring the zombies down.

The series does reach a point where the mission may appear to be over, they reach the destination of California, and things take a turn for the worse. But that would be spoiling it to tell you, so you will have to watch it for yourself. Aside from the acting and brilliant zombies make up and story telling, the series does have many moments of fantasy type behaviour and things that are literally out of this word. Anyone who may be put off by this should rest assured that is only adds to the surreal and fun nature of the series, another plus side. Never take it too seriously otherwise it won’t be enjoyable.

Overall, fantastic and I am personally glad to have taken a chance on this by watching it.


Acting: 5/5

Drama 3/5


Horror: 4.5/5


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