January, and I was not so shocked to all of a sudden be staring into a snow storm. Shocking, very shocking. Imagine that sudden unexpected buzz electrifying your soul like a bulb, a white and annoying bulb.

It feels like when I walk in it, it’s not so bad, it’s freezing but always liberating. I have controversial thoughts that get easily muddled when it hits my jacket.

Anyone ever see a bird flying through a storm? Not an iron bird, an actual living creature with feathers, because I certainly haven’t, otherwise it would be rather…buzzzzz

Pain and Gain: Review

2013, sees a film based on the life of Daniel Lugo, a bodybuilder who seems to lack intelligence yet offers everything a comedy film could want.

It’s dark humour, and the first time you watch it you might not realise that something is meant to be funny until the second time round. It’s good fun, a crime comedy essentially and based in Miami.

They’re sick of being at the bottom, so 3 bodybuilders, hilariously kidnap and force a wealthy man to sign over everything he owns. It’s going well until they have to kill off a few people and evade the cops. Ultimately for a Michael Bay film this is good, the story and the acting, the action, the grizzly yet funny murders and sense of accomplishment make this a must see film.

If you thought the people you knew were stupid then watch this and think again.

Great film full of dark laughs: 4/5


We start off pretty agile as babies and then as we grow we lose our ability to run as fast as we used to and bend into every shape imaginable.

You might have run two miles today, but ten years ago you could run twenty. I think then, that your agility has become nothing more than a past memory…

Don’t give up because it is a mind set to lose motivation and become depressed, instead rise above it and tell yourself you are the same person, just older.

We don’t want reminders everyday that life is fast or that our bodies our slowly seizing up. Although, when I watch actors in their fifties running in movies I think, how can they do that still? I think we will see as time moves on that the new old increases and our ability to be young stays with us longer.


‘Psychopathy, sometimes considered synonymous with sociopathy, is traditionally defined as a personality disorder, characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, egotistical traits. Different conceptions of psychopathy have been used throughout history. These conceptions are only partly overlapping and may sometimes be contradictory.’

This is Wikipedia’s definition, and most likely one used by many institutions. Of course psychopathy is complex and out of my limited range of true understanding, or is it? I want to try and share my thoughts on this condition, in particular how the structure of society has created psychopathy unintentionally.

Firstly what causes this disorder?

Some causes of deviance include poverty, mental illness, learned behaviors and possibly even inherited traits.


Deviant behavior is caused by complex interactions of psychological, sociological, economic and biological forces that encourage individuals to rebel against societal norms.

This disorder could be the result of constant pressure in life to be normal, it could be from the fact that there is no such thing as normal and these people have realised it and given up. Personally, I believe the monetary system and all the other rules and regulations in place have unintentionally created this condition, as humans we in our nature cannot be so controlled without consequence. Although the world is headed into a very controlled future where things are always by the rules and everyone has to be the same and all diseases will be considered disgraceful to society, how does this create a psychopath? It could be down to the fact humans, including themselves are feeling like aliens and that they shouldn’t have to care if the system doesn’t care about them or the individual behaviour.

It’s complex but when I hear anyone mention psycho in a conversation, it usually leads to predictable prejudice and insulting comments about these people being dangerous and abnormal. Yes, they can be because they lack normal emotions and empathy, but really if we continue to treat them like this then how can they even begin to imagine getting to a better place in the eye of society? We all need to open our minds and comprehend that they are still human and are putting up such a defence they make themselves seem incapable of any sort of remission.

We are all guilty of psychopathic tendencies, we all lie now and again, some more than others and compulsively yet are somehow normal, we all manipulate to get our own way, like psychos, we all feel emotionless at times, like psychos, we all have dreams of being better off or desiring something that is merely fantasy.

This could be a call out to the world, but we need to really start to change our perception and the way the world works before trying to treat a condition that I believe is the direct result of its workings, or failings.

The LadyKillers: Review

A quirky comedy about a group of men, led by southerner posing professor Tom Hanks, pretending to be a band, who are planning to rob a casino from the basement of their landlady’s house.

She is rich, they are thieves. It’s all about fun with this film, the acting from Hanks is super and everyone else, they all make it unbelievably funny and a mixture of awkward moments and pure joy are hand in hand.

Throughout, we get to see how the landlady, Marva Munson lives. She’s a do gooder, and regularly has tea ladies round. Hanks as the professor plays a sly game where he attempts to charm her throughout, distracting her hilariously from the robbery taking place within the basement.

As a crime film it fairs well, the plot is okay and the characters tend to have traits and conflicts that make them half believable. All seems well, perhaps the film does start off slow and takes a while to grasp the style in which it is made.

It isn’t until the last 40 minutes though, that the comedy and drama really come into play, the hapless gang are determined to wipe out the landlady who has found out about the robbery. This leads to a faster paced ending which felt satisfactory but not overwhelming with surprise. The attempts to get rid of her are among the most humorous.

I say it’s worth a check but not something I would be in a hurry to watch again, it is a very slow paced film.

Overall: 3/5

Joe Satriani: What Happens Next

Joe Satriani, a master of his instrument and a brilliant artist. His newest release, What happens next, is laid back and full of good beats.

I won’t do a full analysis of the album, but overall it is completely relaxed and it feels like Joe is now so far into his instrument that anything sounds decent. It is supposed to be high energy, but some of the tracks are full of emotion and awesome solos as usual.

I do believe the best tracks of the album are energy, thunder high on the mountain, headrush, righteous, what happens next and invisible. Each delivers a great back beat with awesome solo notes thrown in, and the collaboration with Chad Smith and Glenn Hughes was a good idea. The songs seem to be housing a mystical and enlightening backdrop to them, they make you feel alive, they make you relax and calm and bring back memories of previous albums. I won’t go into detail but throughout the album you can hear sounds and styles previously released in other songs.

Unlike it’s predecessor, Shockwave Supernova, this album doesn’t provide a listener with what they want, a developing sound, instead the songs rely on repetitive beats that are played over. It does go into new more adventurous effect usage though, but ultimately it kind of makes it feel a little like a new band trying new ideas. If more time was given to them, perhaps they could have come across as not so annoying, as is the case in Catbot.

If you are a fan like I am, then of course listen. I won’t stop listening because I dislike certain sounds, the originality is there in small segments.

Overall: 3/5


Fancy an extreme zombie survival experience, looking for a game with good weapons and realistic play? Look no further than Zombi, an extremely well made horror game that gives a hard line approach to life after the apocalypse.

You begin the game, lost in London and directed by a survivalist known as the prepper, a man on the other end of a radio guiding and keeping you safe throughout. The very first moment the game loads up you know you are in for a ride. You can select normal or chicken mode or hard mode. In hard mode you cannot come back once you die, in the other modes you can, and each time you re spawn as a new character. That could be a police man, an office manager, a plumber, a seemingly endless amount of characters actually makes you bond with yours, as I did, I didn’t want my super personal character to die! After completing the game I attempted numerous times to survive on hard mode, with disastrous results. I got very far into the game and then bang, killed. Take the advice and play normal or chicken just to adapt to the very harsh reality of the game, that it is extremely difficult.

Once you have played the brief introduction and escaped the zombies and run to the safe house, you will be established and ready. The prepper, who set up the base in the London tube station, tells you to fix the electric and gather your only guaranteed weapon, a baseball bat and collect your bug out bag, coming in varying sizes throughout the game. Already the realism is insane, stuck in a tub station, with a small bed and a crate which you can store things and CCTV monitors which guide you to your new mission.

Anyone expecting fantastic graphics and insane melee combat shouldn’t play the game with high expectations in those areas. The constant hitting with the baseball bat becomes annoying but also adds to the tension. Instead, to bring the fun out in London, try looting and scanning with your pad to find pistols, rifles and automatic weapons, but be wary, ammo is sacred.

Close combat is a no no, the game is always going to win when you run into a group of 3 or more zombies with nothing more than a nearly empty pistol and no chocolate bar or med kit. The zombies are ridiculously strong and can kill you in two to three hits if not careful. This makes it a game which requires a careful approach, a planned one.

Missions are better than I expected and scary. They take part in the back streets of London to the well known locations such as Buckingham palace and Tower of London. Getting there is no easy task, keep it light and only carry the bare minimum when travelling long distances. If you are lucky you can find a sewer entrance and fast travel back to base if you get surrounded, don’t rely on this or safe houses however, because the zombies are faster than you think. Survivors are very few and extremely rare, they only appear in the actual missions themselves and make it feel like the world really has ended. After all, what is the apocalypse if it is full of people? Instead, these people have goals and missions and aren’t wandering without purpose as is the case in many other games.

As the game progresses and you unlock more weapons, some of the killing gets easier, some of the travelling gets easier especially as you scan more remote CCTV boxes, which are linked to your safe house monitors. During the game, there are notes, there are recording and other collectibles which themselves hide a story and revelations.

It’s difficult and it’s annoying when you keep dying and coming back as a new character, but that is also a driving force. It is realistic and extremely tense. The lighting is dark throughout and in some areas you cannot see at all without your limited battery torch. All these things make it a fun and re-playable game. I will go back to it because the atmosphere and story line are brilliant.

This game is worth 4/5


The Walking Dead 2018

The Walking Dead, a series that has been crying out for a decent playable game on the Xbox and PS4 is finally getting that. Having just heard myself, I checked out the website above and indeed it seems a brilliant game may be here sooner than anticipated.

It can only be speculation for now, but I would like to see a game that has a unique take and unique characters. It is set in Washington DC, that conjures up images of vast city streets paved with zombies and fortified white houses.

Weapons should hopefully include things like rifles and perhaps explosives.

This is a brief post as I am hoping people can comment and shed some light on the development of this game. It is certainly one I look forward to. Although the trailer has some superb graphics, there will always be a downgrade for the game itself, so don’t expect it like that, but expect it better than the previous attempts such as the Telltale series, which lacked considerable any sort of play ability.