Creating Memories

The word vivid is something that conjures up powerful comprehensions. Is there any time left now to create a truly vivid memory? Have you seen something so amazing but didn’t stop to admire it because of time? I think we are all guilty of letting these precious moments pass by. Perhaps though, there is indeed time to stop and think, feel and see it before it’s too late.

Most people might recall a memory from their childhood that seems particularly pleasant, or a rather splendid holiday from their teens or early twenties. I think the best ones would be holidays, the stress free time spent on the beach, surfing, eating crab cakes and smoking a pack a day while hitting the free bar every night. That is sure to make you euphoric. Others might see that as not so good. They might consider a day with a relative a vivid experience, especially when they pass, as it’s those memories that remain forever.

Unfortunately, memories aren’t always good. There are painful experiences, and again it’s sad but they are usually the ones that stick more than the better ones. Things like neglected  childhood can be traumatic, as can grief caused by losing somebody close. That is the extreme end of vivid. The lighter ones might be disagreements or arguments, the things that are basically forgotten after a week, only to flash up every time you see the other person.

In order to balance the good and the bad memories, we need to consciously take the time to observe and let the environment and scenery set in. Learn to live in the moment and you can guarantee that your memories will be pleasant. Passively observing without a care in the world might lead to a lot of subconscious junk, and in turn, potentially damaging imagery.



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