Christmas Is Coming

When talking about chaos and madness do you think of the events that always seem too late to prepare for? I am thinking of Christmas, an event observed the world over by everyone…well most people.

What do you need to get for that one day? There is going to be a barrage of people at the markets and shopping centers the few weeks approaching the day, so best go now and avoid the rush. But is it really needed? All that fuss for one day? NO! Stretch the chaos over the entire week. Instead of worrying about the day and getting it perfect just accept that it’s okay to have things on the day after, it’s okay to eat a turkey the day after or before. Take it easy because stress is detrimental. It certainly makes everyone around the stressed person stressed!

Aside from the usual gifts and food and treats, what else do you want from this Christmas? It is a night alone watching a movie? Or a day spa? The good thing is it can be anything you want, so long as is it within your budget. Something I enjoy doing is looking around city Christmas markets. Not necessarily because I want to buy things, but because I enjoy the atmosphere, the people and the always friendly experience to be had. Which brings the chaotic season down a notch. The next point:

If anything the holidays should be relaxed and spent with family, or helping others. I say this, when the holidays are over you should still do that! Those little acts aren’t that difficult to do all year round, just because Christmas is here you shouldn’t use that as an excuse for maybe a week of family visits. The experiences can seemed rushed, stressful and not fulfilling like you expected.

Let me know your plans, what you usually do this vacation and comment!