Jumping For Life


via Daily Prompt: Jump

A short post today. I haven’t posted for a little while, so here I go. Another post that tries to convey the importance of enjoying the moment.

Jump for joy each morning, jump right out of bed and realize you just woke up on earth. You are alive and that is worth jumping for. There are many people in the world whom will not be able to jump for life, because they are extremely ill, possibly stuck in a chair for life or worse, they lost limbs. Make those jump moments stand out. You’ll be doing your heart a massive favour too. By jumping you are doing a body weight exercise, in turn increasing fitness and circulation. You should for at least one day of the upcoming month or year, jump!

Animals jump, the main one that comes to mind are frogs. cats jump, dogs jump, hell even a sheep jumps when it needs to! It is energizing and really invigorates you. You may be the one person who stands out in a crowd but that is good. Stand out!

So jump for life and love it!

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