Music Is Evolution

What is your favourite genre of music? Is it rock & roll, metal, country, hip hop, dance, techno, punk? There’s a vast world of untouched music.

Most people can make a melody without any real effort. The people who whistle random tunes, are in fact creating melody. There’s nothing like a good beat that you like to kick start enthusiasm. What if the music is more than just music? Let’s explore what it could be.

It could be the key to human evolution. Creating music dates back to 1000 CE, and evidence suggests music as early as 500 BC. Pretty amazing stuff. If you think about humans in a cave, they too may have used sticks to bang on things, making a drum sound. Without it, humans would be lost, their brains would cease to function. A good melody can reduce stress and your brain releases feel good hormones such as dopamine. A kind of reward for listening.

With something so powerful comes the dangers. And the music industry certainly enjoy bombarding us with terrible music. It can be used as a weapon, a large mind control weapon, where millions bow down to worship their favourite artists. This is dangerous and stupid.

Instead, create your own music, your own feel good melody. w6zbzex

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