Jumping For Life


via Daily Prompt: Jump

A short post today. I haven’t posted for a little while, so here I go. Another post that tries to convey the importance of enjoying the moment.

Jump for joy each morning, jump right out of bed and realize you just woke up on earth. You are alive and that is worth jumping for. There are many people in the world whom will not be able to jump for life, because they are extremely ill, possibly stuck in a chair for life or worse, they lost limbs. Make those jump moments stand out. You’ll be doing your heart a massive favour too. By jumping you are doing a body weight exercise, in turn increasing fitness and circulation. You should for at least one day of the upcoming month or year, jump!

Animals jump, the main one that comes to mind are frogs. cats jump, dogs jump, hell even a sheep jumps when it needs to! It is energizing and really invigorates you. You may be the one person who stands out in a crowd but that is good. Stand out!

So jump for life and love it!

Cake Is For Fat People


Cake is for those who mistreat their bodies. No one should eat it, because it’s full of fat and sugar. Cake in any form and size is bad. Even sugar free cake is bad because you are still eating the fatty sponge base. What is an alternative?

Drink water, eat vegetables. Heck if cake is so much of an addiction then make vegetable cake. Don’t buy cakes from any supermarkets or shops because they are loaded with additives and preservatives and chemicals with weird names. Saturated fat is high along with the hydrogenated fat that lurks within. Having cake even on special occasions is bad for you. People reading this will still eat it, and I don’t care because I won’t be. It’s as bad as smoking and drinking alcohol. The benefits are zero.

Do you want diabetes as the result of high blood sugar? Or high blood pressure or heart disease from the fat? I didn’t think so. Then again, the cake is one of those things that even gets given to kids. Yes, kids are scoffing the lot down on birthdays and Christmas and any chance they get. Today the epidemic problem of overweight people and obese people is really worrying. Why eat cake when you no it’s addictive? It’s addictive because of the sugar and fat and that makes you feel good.

Don’t risk your life for a cake, munch on the vegetables…for the love of god! rosewater-raspberry-sponge-cake






The next eclipse is due in 2017. Not everyone will be able to see it, and not everyone will want to see it. I’m more concerned with the moon itself, the large object that illuminates the night sky.

Let me throw some questions your way along with some convincing statements, based on science. Firstly, how can the moon, being as large as it is, still be circling the earth? The moon is absolutely huge compared to other planet moons. The ratio of size to earth is small, so why hasn’t such a large mass object collided with the earth yet? The earths gravity is strong enough to have pulled the moon into it, but it hasn’t. Scientists may claim the moon is getting further away, but how is this possible? The gravitational field of the sun is enough to keep it from flying away. Interesting.

Next question, is the moon a satellite? A human construct designed to be an intergalactic radio station. Again scientists conducted an experiment. They sent an object flying at the moon, and upon impact, they observed a hollow ringing noise. So how can a moon be hollow? It doesn’t make sense, but it makes sense if the moon is a satellite. People will be inside, observing the earth and space in general. They may even be there to intercept any alien life forms messages and divert them.

Thirdly, is the moon a space weapon? Photographic evidence from NASA and google images can clearly identify structures on the surface. This image isn’t the evidence, just a reconstruction.


Considering the fact the moon is such a large object, it would be ideal as a space station for the military. It could have been a weapon base for two reasons: to defend earth against aliens invaders, or to hold a nation to ransom. Which is more likely? I think the moon could be used to house nuclear weaponry, which in turn could be dropped on a nation unsuspectingly. Or even worse, the moon is the last resort in a nuclear war. The moon would destroy earth using highly advanced thermonuclear lasers. Again this seems far fetched but somehow believable considering what governments have done before.

If humans haven’t turned it into a military base by now, then something else has. I wonder why the moon hasn’t been explored in 40 years? The last question, was the moon being mined by extraterrestrials? They set up base thousands of years ago, and left behind workers to continue to monitor the operation and prevent possible intervention by humans. Let’s face it, we are the closest to the moon and the biggest threat to alien life. They were probably mining for the vast mineral resources that the moon has. No nation on earth can own the moon or its resources, but that might be because it’s already taken. The Moon has water, helium-3 and rare earth metals (REMs). Earth is getting low on REMs with China owning about 90%, which will be depleted in 20 years or so. As for helium-3, this is an extremely valuable resource to humans because it can help with nuclear power.

‘Helium 3 (He-3) is a light, non-radioactive isotope of helium with two protons and one neutron. Its presence is rare on Earth, but it is sought after for use in nuclear fusion research. It is also used in MRI scanners and in sensors to detect smuggled plutonium.’ 

An alien life form may already be mining it, for power for their ships or bases. As the following photo shows:

So, have they been mining it for weapons? Or for a massive collection of energy capable of powering their bases and ships?

As for the eclipse, it can only mean one thing, a moon that is not really a moon. But a religious symbol. It blocks out the sun.

“Immediately after the distress of those days “‘the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.”‘


Music Is Evolution


What is your favourite genre of music? Is it rock & roll, metal, country, hip hop, dance, techno, punk? There’s a vast world of untouched music.

Most people can make a melody without any real effort. The people who whistle random tunes, are in fact creating melody. There’s nothing like a good beat that you like to kick start enthusiasm. What if the music is more than just music? Let’s explore what it could be.

It could be the key to human evolution. Creating music dates back to 1000 CE, and evidence suggests music as early as 500 BC. Pretty amazing stuff. If you think about humans in a cave, they too may have used sticks to bang on things, making a drum sound. Without it, humans would be lost, their brains would cease to function. A good melody can reduce stress and your brain releases feel good hormones such as dopamine. A kind of reward for listening.

With something so powerful comes the dangers. And the music industry certainly enjoy bombarding us with terrible music. It can be used as a weapon, a large mind control weapon, where millions bow down to worship their favourite artists. This is dangerous and stupid.

Instead, create your own music, your own feel good melody. w6zbzex

Nature Is Death


It’s September already, yes the time seems to have gone by if you stop to think about it. It seems like the hot days are more precious now winter is on the horizon.

Mother nature, casting upon us her mighty seasons. Changing the world in a never ending cycle of weather patterns. The winter is harsh, you will shiver and freeze in the outside. But you’re inside, locked in your house or apartment, hunkered down trying to make it another day. Some nights you can’t get off the couch and remove the blankets because the air will freeze you. This time, make sure you use your brain.

Wrap up warm, prevent the shivers and the colds and possible chest infections by padding up with extra layers. That way, you reduce the chance of actually getting ill, you will keep your furnace burning bacteria and hopefully stay healthy. Eat foods that are easy to digest, that keep you feeling good like soup and broths. That is classic winter food. Read and keep your brain working even if you find it difficult. This is because the cold weather can in fact cause heart attacks and strokes if you are cold for an extended amount of time. Then there is frostbite from direct cold air contact. Keep writing or doing whatever you do, to keep those receptors and hormones going.

The main reason for this, is to reduce winter heating bills. You want to be able to heat your home, but be able to affordably. Don’t have your heating on full blast and walk around in a short sleeve top, or a thick jacket, both cancel the need to have the heating on. Of course there are those who have the luxury of doing so, but those people are usually never shivering or struggling for money, they most likely run the energy companies. If you have an in house log fire, great! Use that a lot, it costs nothing to produce heat, the only downside is the gases and fumes and pollution it produces. Buy an electric fan heater if needed, they are much better than gas fireplaces or water based radiators. They quickly fill a large room, even the smallest ones do a great job.

Feel urged this winter not to fork out a lot for people who could not care less. They may put your name on the bill, but that means nothing. You read it and it says, ‘Dear Mr Clank, as a valued customer, we are writing to inform you of your now overdue a payment of £300, for gas and electric usage over the last month.’ See that? They don’t care about you, they care about lining their pockets by charging for things that mother nature gives us for free. Do yourself a favour, and find every possible way to keep warm this year without using more energy than you have done over the last few months. That way, the people who probably charge more in winter, will be unable to make people bankrupt with absurd bills that render them helpless.

Don’t get the shivers because you didn’t use common sense. snow_on_the_mountains_of_southern_california