Devil Go Rhyme

If you want to be the best person in the world, then don’t smoke that cigarette. Go for a walk, or run and instead increase your circulation. You are the tiger in a vice city.

You’re from the jungle, you run like the wind and you’re almost invisible. I see you there for a whisper. Soon you disappear. Where have you gone? You have slept in the gallows and risen above the other critters to stand aloof on a rock, gazing into the eyes of the almighty wolf. He tempts, he teases. You give in way to easy. Is it a healthy body that you so desire? Then keep away from the fire, the man filled woodlands. Avoid it, avoid the creations that tear your soul to shreds. They cannot give you happiness or a pure mind. They linger in the bushes and pounce once you stand off your throne. You resist and fight until your last breath. Then all goes dark. He over powers you, sinking his teeth deep and pulling the threads of muscle from your chest. You have failed mother nature.

Don’t let temptation get the better of you. Engage your brain and hands and eyes, on the world that is free, that is ludicrous to some. Flow like a river onto that which lifts you up. oo3aylx

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