Waste Of Money


Do you hold a degree? Did you spend thousands on nights out instead of studying, then leave and not really know anything?

So you went to university, and squandered your student loan on expensive clothes and holidays – like most students, who then whine when their spending money gets cut. But does that make you an expert now? NO! It takes actual studying and knowledge of a subject, an interest and passion to understand and know your ins and outs. I can go down the library and study Physics for a week, then I could technically be an expert. But wait, instead of that people are being forced to take out loans – which go down the drain on luxuries – instead of on living expenses. Why should people have to pay for an education? It’s the certificate at the end, a thin and ugly piece of paper that screams self entitlement, that they want. Most graduates feel even more psychotic now they have a big old CERTIFICATE in god knows what – maybe something like history, geography…maths (haha). They feel like they can now be massive arrogant people who shun everyone else and their opinions because that person had more brains to get their education for free, online or the library.

The banks are scamming the stupid and leaving the smart people to live without this corporate thank you. What are you at the end of this studying, the studying approved by the banks and the government and learning body? You are the same, more stupid person who believes they have a right to everything. You are now a product, a brainwashed individual who has got into thousands of pounds of debt, to be told how to live. Congratulations, you are no expert.

An expert travels the world, on their hands and knees researching their subject, out of love, not money.  paper_leaf_line_pen_handwriting_text_31429_1280x800

4 thoughts on “Waste Of Money

  1. I was reading this Santana book. He’s talking about the Blues and how you can’t just play the blues; it has to exist in you. One of my favorite lines is when he says Berkley can teach you how to play music, but they can’t teach mother f***ingness. I think this falls right in with what you are talking about.

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