The End Of The World

The human race is on the decline, we know that, it’s shoved down our throats 24/7. What can we see that is so disturbing?

We can’t see it, that’s the problem. The media – the news, newspapers etc – do a pretty good job of hiding the truth, allowing millions to watch a stream of death and destruction instead. The world is focused on negativity, and we need to change, right now. The thousands who die in another country at the hands of your government, have done nothing wrong. Yet, to justify the attacks and missile strikes, your government will feed you propaganda that they are ‘terrorists’. Why? The country is either refusing to partake in an agreement with said government or they have resources that they refuse to sell.

Do something, like take a real look at the people here in your own homeland. The people with little money, who can’t even feed their families or themselves, and help them. What about the thousands still homeless? Foreign aid could be used to help these people instead. Stop bearing witness to what the government feeds you and look at the real problems. How about all those families in Greenland who are suffering from the deteriorating ice? That isn’t making headlines. No, instead a millionaire from Hollywood manages to get front page coverage because they ‘skipped a show’, were ‘ill’, or otherwise did something that is of no worth to the human race.

Some interesting facts for those who reside in the UK. During the beginning of world war 2, Gandhi sent a letter to Adolph Hitler, urging him as his friend, not to do what he was about to do. But, intelligence agencies stopped the letter reaching Hitler. Imagine what that letter could have done? Secondly, Hitler himself contacted Britain, in particular the prime minister Winston Churchill. He stated that he had no intention of attacking Britain, so long as England did not get involved. Again, the whole of England was bombarded unnecessarily because of ignorance and greed. War is started for money, bringing in millions from weapons sales among many others.

We all can choose between witnessing the wrong or the right, and deciding which is better. I can see something out of my control and moan about it, but I don’t. I look at the things within my reach, and try to help. Life is about living to the max. It’s not about war and politics, or celebrities or trying to look good. Get out of the media and into your own hearts. 321115

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