I can sense the fear in you as you begin to understand the ghost. A living thing, with real powers, with real effects on the world around you. What is the ghost? Let’s explore the answer!

A ghost, an apparition of a dead person to the living. Sometimes referred to as a spectre or phantom. Cases have spanned worldwide and seemed to have become a craze in the movie industry, with films such as Paranormal Activity The Conjuring fueling the paranoia. Ghosts films are a major contributor to the industry, with Paranormal activity bringing in $193 million, from a $15,000 budget. These films are ridiculous and seem to be watched, then hyped about when the film itself has bad camera angles and terrible acting. The ghost genre is one that also seems to thrive on instilling fear into people. With real life cases being reported around the world, of so called real possessions.

So to answer the question, what is a ghost?  Well, simply put, we are the ghost. We create the outer image that we see, nothing more. Apparitions might appear, but they are created by your own mind – don’t let it create fear – instead create something enjoyable instead. When you feel like something is haunted, take a look at all the electrical appliances in the area, because they buzz and they can create a static electricity in the air. People say a ghost appears in the basement every time they go there, has that got something to do with the back up generator, the old wiring, and the fear imprinted by movies?

We are all ghosts, we need to wake up.



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