Connect Without Computers

Did you try to embrace someone today? You should be reaching out to them, and them to you! It’s a two way street, you see. Keep your mind open to vulnerability. Is it within your reach?

You don’t have to go day to day, week after week, pretending to be a caring person. You can actually toss the cover off yourself and open up to others; perhaps they will reach out to you too. You feel embarrassed to talk and help those which most people look down upon? Don’t! There’s no need to feel embarrassed about stretching to a simple hello, how are you? Is there?

It’s the mentality that stepping away from the flock is not good, somehow dangerous. Stepping out of line to reach out to long lost friends is good, your just reconnecting to the good parts of your life. Don’t reach the decision and turn back, challenge doubt and social repercussions which are to say the least…moronic.

I think you should set yourself the goal this week, of reaching out to family in need. Even if they aren’t in need, they will appreciate the help. By making the effort and physically reaching out to others, you get a great satisfaction that no computer could ever provide.


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