The Untreated Eye

If your looking for a fairy tale story, or a post about the positives; then go away. No, wait! Stay for this, then go and take it in each step and each breath you take.

It’s an illness, being obsessed, yes that’s right…it’s an illness. You think you go from day to day without them, then you end up rethinking it, examining it. You can’t see it, but someone else can. Your eyes are tainted to the unhealthy habit you have formed, however small. When others tell you your behavior is neurotic or downright stupid, you ignore them. It feels good, until it feels bad. That’s right, your struck by an epiphany, change or become a robot.

So what comprises unhealthy? Most activities sadly cause us to act compulsively, obsessively. It’s fairly normal to collect books of a single author. It’s not normal, to then track their position, to check online media updates and even go to the extreme of knowing their daily routine. That’s unhealthy. Well, I like to keep tabs on my boyfriend/girlfriend, you say. It’s not natural, you spend time together yet you obsess over the time apart. Obsession is in a way linked to addiction. Being hooked on your phone all day, is an addiction and an obsession. It’s the emphasis you have placed on something small, that makes it foolish. Your health suffers, especially if you worry about it for no reason.

Take a look at what you do. Do you constantly check social media websites? Blogs? Your sprinkling angel dust over your eyes. Let the clear pair come from family or friends. If you notice it in anyone else, then approach with caution, they have been zombified.



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