An Eagle On Final

When the word maybe is used, pops up or is otherwise shoved in your face or others, it says Procrastination! How can you be a maybe person? Why not be a yes man or woman!

Picture a lion in the wild, about to stalk its next meal, does it say to itself, maybe I should wait a while? No! It goes for the kill, irregardless. Being certain can be crucial to survival sometimes as the example above demonstrates. Don’t go around being a procrastinating non-doer, instead embrace your day and your chances and grab them by the horns. Hold on and don’t say halfway through, oh, maybe this is the wrong move. You might make the wrong decision, but how can you know, and more importantly, how can you learn, if you don’t make that decision?

I’ve encountered many situations where the other person has responded with a Maybe, and all it tells me is that they are not confident enough to follow through with something, or they lack the skills needed to complete a certain task; that could be anything.

In truth many people have the capabilities of going beyond their comfort zone, into unknown territory and developing themselves. It’s about being a confident certain individual who can answer yes or no, so stop the guess work and make the connections to come to a logical and affirmative answer!eagle-images-eagles-adler


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