Gold Chains & Yachts

Luxury, something we all strive towards in life, sometimes putting others in harms way, or even ourselves. Why? It doesn’t just boil down to desire, it boils down to nothing. If you consider a trip to the zoo a luxury, or a three course meal or a handshake from an interviewer a luxury, then you’re on the right path.

It’s when people consider the unbelievable a luxury that it becomes ridiculous. There’s a reason why millionaires continue to make money even though they have enough to retire twenty lives over. It’s because they’re greedy. It isn’t normal for a human to desire such things. In fact the more a person has in terms of material items, the further they are becoming from what they really are.

For me to have luxury or to live in luxury is to live on earth, the earth is our luxury. Without it, we would die, and we might not have been born to begin with. How would you feel if you had to ditch your TV, your phone, your internet, your designer clothes, your hairspray, your makeup and your music? The reality is they are all luxuries. Millions around the world don’t even have the luxury of sleeping in a decent house, instead they live in shacks. The things a human needs to survive are the things that will allow it to thrive.

Most humans have been conditioned to accept the buying of things in life as normal and anything less is boring and not cool. Of course that isn’t true. But why don’t you ever consider the luxuries of the people around you? Having family member make your food, aid you when in desperation and sit by as you suffer from ill health, is the biggest luxury in life, so treasure what’s real. The real is more precious than the manufactured. chain_gold_close-up_80776_4096x3072


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