It’s My Way Or Death

Do you ever feel so damn fed up of other people that it makes your blood boil? I can guarantee that someone you have met has caused your poor brain to go crazy. What makes these people so annoying? Is it their way of talking or their attire? No, it’s probably there inability to change, maybe in spite of opposing evidence.

I enjoy a discussion or two, about numerous things. There is always someone though, who wants to undermine what you say, am I right? Pushing past other people’s stupidity is difficult, especially when they are stubborn. It’s not that they don’t know the truth sometimes, it’s that they enjoy not accepting the facts and truth presented. In a way being stubborn is a hindrance to our mental, physical and spiritual welfare. Why? People need to be more open minded towards everyone else, everyone else’s opinions and they should definitely be willing to accept they are wrong. It’s difficult, I’ve been there, but it is not impossible.

So take the first step, and be more accepting of others ideas and try not to get stuck in your way of thinking. It can lead to disastrous outcomes such as when a smoker fails to accept that it is killing them, or a banker fails to see how their loan system is destroying lives…things get worse sometimes. There are benefits to being stubborn, in rare cases. Such as when you have a belief that seems ludicrous, yet to you it brings joy. That maybe a bit far fetched.

Overall, it’s not a trait that I particularly desire in someone, and it certainly isn’t something I pride myself on. So respect others and try to keep it to a minimum.


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