When God Gets A Bad Rap

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I hear people all the time, talking to one another or a group in a heated discussion about – you guessed it – the one and only God. So what is God and can we learn a thing or two from others assumptions?

God is the almighty, the creator, the alpha and omega – the beginning and the end. Fear not, according to the teachings of the religious faction, he treats good doers with favor. But what does he do for those who commit wrongs? Yet again according to teachings he punishes them. One thing they have in common, whether good or bad is that each person praises an idol whom commits acts which he has forbidden.

Many religious followers will argue that it is wrong to praise and worship idols, yet they themselves are doing just that. People will commit horrendous crimes and claim it was the work of God. When natural disasters occur they blame it on the almighty, some even attribute it to’Satan’; yet another idol. One crucial thing everyone is missing is that God, in whatever form that power exists, is a good thing. He is supposed to represent goodness, his son – Jesus Christ, depending on religion – is a symbol of goodness.

So it seems pretty unfair to associate a good thing with a bad thing, right? Looking back at a classic example is the Swastika, which is considered a sacred symbol and has been for millennium. Its meaning comes from the Sanskrit word svastika, which means lucky. Now, look how the Nazi’s and Adolf Hitler managed to turn that symbol of goodness into one of evil. You will not see it as much nowadays because of that event, although it is still used. Examples exist worldwide. swastikaSome pretty crazy conspiracies have popped up on YouTube and elsewhere suggesting that things from the Xbox symbol to the United Nations, are in fact symbols of Satan. This is ludicrously stupid and small minded, or is it? You make your own mind up and beware of praising the lord in hopes that that symbol of goodness will justify an act of evil.


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