Learn to live and live to learn


It’s amazing isn’t it? The way the human brain is composed, the way it controls our whole body, yet most people under use it. Most sit idly by and run on autopilot wondering how other people can be so creative or seem more insightful.

Today’s world seems to hectic to stop and take time for yourself, or for someone else. But it does matter, in fact it matters a great deal. For one reason: Well being. There are numerous apps that crop up now and again and recent phenomenons such as an app that can track a fictitious character. But is that life? Is standing in a circle with many others doing the same thing on a phone normal or even remotely creative? Hell no. People need to drop their devices and delve into their own minds, really embrace what they know and pursue what they love, irregardless of what others think.

Let’s say, you like to listen to rock and roll music, or you are fond of dance and techno, what is stopping you from picking up an instrument and trying to jam along? You might get good in a few months and you would have built new neuron connections in that brain of yours. What will others think? You ask. Who cares, I say instead of asking yourself what if I could make music  like that, do it! Pick up a laptop and use one of the many music making software’s available online, for free. Of course there are a ton of things you could learn. It’s about building those connections for something you love and enjoy, it’s about fighting the zombie mode your in and continually developing as a human being.

So what do you want to learn? Is it to improve your writing, a blog a day perhaps? Maybe it’s painting but you haven’t tried since you were a kid? Is it something simple like collecting pennies? It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you enjoy working on it. It’s more than a hobby, it’s a life saving mechanism that will allow you to build self confidence and face stress more easily. It is profound how much you can learn if you put the effort in, and by putting the effort in to enjoy yourself, you will end up living a more satisfying life. books-purple


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