An overused excuse


So you have hurt somebody or they have hurt you, and in turn you or someone expects an apology. Let’s analyse the word to really appreciate its importance. As you know an apology is to regret what you have done; or stand in defense of your belief. Well when you really think about it, to apologize is to give yourself self an easy way out and hope the other person accepts it.

The world is unfair and full of people who do wrong and get away with saying sorry and overusing it. When a politician says it after failing to meet their previous promises, we all bow down to them because they said a magic word. We shouldn’t be so quick to accept this and in fact we should challenge it further. A prisoner on death row may beg for life and tell everyone their sorry numerous times, only for it to get them nowhere. Placing a sorry after doing something wrong – anything – is justification and it is sickening.

As many people will be aware of the many mass killings in the states through sidearms and automatic weapons, it seems fit to look at that further. The president or some official or news broadcaster comes on the TV with a prescriptive apology, justification for the acts someone else has committed. What the government is doing there is saying, ‘hey, it’s okay to shoot down masses of innocent people, so long as we quickly come on the box with a false heart Apology.’ Many people won’t ever accept it, and many have lost loved ones and family and been left with the infamous apology of an overpaid politician. CHALLENGE THIS.

The quote, ‘To err is human, to forgive, divine’ – comes to mind. It should in fact read – ‘To apologize, easy, to forgive, extremely difficult.’ Many other examples exist where apologies have lead the way.

Next time you ever consider using the word sorry, be certain that it is right, be true to yourself and don’t just use it as an easy way out of a situation. Sorry, but this post is over now.guns-background_09523143_213

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